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1 Jan 11, 2009 5:14:04 PM
Brandon on BuckTracker: Christmas Swag

The buck grossed 208 but it was green and unofficial

2 Jan 11, 2009 1:54:47 PM
Ken on Pennsylvania Considers Crossbows For Archery Season

Do a google on Stryker xbow. This bolt gun has only been on the market for a couple years. It not only eliminates the loss of down range energy(where the compound was better), but it crushes it. This xbow delivers twice(155lb ft) the KE of the top end compounds, and does it with a heavier projectile. The fastest compounds shoot 5gr pr lb of draw weight, so 70lb bow shoots a 350gr arrow and the top bows shoot 350fps. The Stryker shoots a 420gr bolt at 405fps, using ONLY 175lb draw weight. This shows it will not suffer lack of KE at longer distances, like the common xbows. The bowtech rep says he the stryker can shoot 5" groups at 100yds, when put on a bench like a gun. He said it can slap bolts(touch each other)at 75yds, and has enough KE to cleanly take deer at that distance. Folks, this is not apples to apples, and Mathews hasnt jumped in on this either. Wait till these big companys spend some money on research and development, we could be seeing 100yd shots being easy. Thats a great management tool, but it doesnt belong in the archery seasons!

3 Jan 10, 2009 3:32:00 AM
Shazia on 100 Best Public-Land Hunts: New Jersey

I find this blog is very useful and important.

4 Jan 9, 2009 10:01:39 AM
T.R. on Minnesota Lawmakers Eye Lead-In-Venison Issue

I read in North American Hunter that the people who ate venison in fact had lower levels of lead in their body than the rest of the population. In that same article the doctor who released the first lead studies was a person that was working for the movement to remove lead from ammunition. You can take that information however you like it, but no matter what you eat your body is going to get contaminants.

5 Jan 8, 2009 9:43:27 PM
Donna on BuckTracker: Way Up in the U.P.

I want poeple to see how I hunt, I want to show pictures of the outhouse we hunt out of that outlooks a great field and the blind we use for bow hunting we named the "Hilton" because we decked it out for comfort I don't know how to get the pictures out ther

6 Jan 8, 2009 9:40:15 PM
Fatass Momma on BuckTracker: This is How You Do It

7 Jan 8, 2009 9:39:35 PM
Donna on BuckTracker: Way Up in the U.P.

I just want people to know that some of the simple things in hunting and the fun we have doing it really makes it special, and taking a deer while having that fun makes it all the better.

8 Jan 8, 2009 9:33:17 PM
Donna on BuckTracker: Way Up in the U.P.

I hunt out of an outhouse and get my deer every year. I also hunt out of a blind and get my deer every year. One year I took 5 out of that outhouse, its kind of a cute situation don't yuou think I have pictures of the outhouse and the blind all decked out in deer pictures and pleasantries to make our stay more comfortable

9 Jan 8, 2009 9:30:11 PM
Donna on BuckTracker: Way Up in the U.P.

How do I get a picture posted on here. It shows our simple but productive way we hunt. It is fun and it gets the jog done.

10 Jan 8, 2009 8:41:52 PM
Wanda on BuckTracker: Bucks on Ice!

Thanks Tom! Glad to know he made it to the other shore too!:-) I'm sharing this story with our hunting friends:-)

11 Jan 8, 2009 3:19:25 PM
Nunyabinis on BuckTracker: Bucks on Ice!

That's Rudolph trying to escape the Abominable Snow Monster.

Looks like he's on the way to the Island of Misfit Toys without Hermy and Yukon Cornelius.

12 Jan 8, 2009 3:05:26 PM
NorthtownTV on BuckTracker: Bucks on Ice!

No way that is Wisconsin...uhhh...mountains in the background...

13 Jan 8, 2009 10:45:23 AM
tom on BuckTracker: Bucks on Ice!

here's the complete story.

14 Jan 7, 2009 8:21:21 PM
Jim in Mo on BuckTracker: Bucks on Ice!

Hope the poor bastard made it.

15 Jan 7, 2009 4:54:29 PM
Wakan Oshota on BuckTracker: Bucks on Ice!

Don't have a clue as to where that buck on the ice is. Looks to be s.d., Mont., or N.D. nice buck on what looks like it could be his last ride.

16 Jan 7, 2009 12:42:17 PM
Bill Corbett on BuckTracker: Safe in the City...So Far

Some other hunters I usually hunt with saw and and took video of this monster 1 week prior to the end of deer season. He was still in city limits but traveling very close to huntable property. That was the last time he was seen to my knowledge and that would put him safe from hunters until next season.

17 Jan 6, 2009 12:06:05 PM
Bruce Way on BuckTracker: Buck Meets Grim Reaper

A similar thing happened up here in Western Ontario, except a farmer had run over 14 different adult deer while combining. The Ontario MNR actually tested some of the animals to see what was wrong with them and they apparently got into and consumed a nearby Marijuana crop. I guess Deer will eat anything available.

18 Jan 5, 2009 8:40:53 PM
e on BuckTracker: Christmas Swag

great looking buck!

19 Jan 5, 2009 8:29:32 PM
Gary on BuckTracker: Age Before Beauty?

I would wait till daylite and shoot the one thats still there! It is illegal to shoot deer at night in my state!

20 Jan 5, 2009 11:04:26 AM
Josh on 100 Best Public-Land Hunts: Minnesota

do you eat beef, fish or poultry? do you suppose they live a fullfilling life before they are slaughtered? If deer hunting was not allowed deer would overpopulate very quickly and die horrific deaths from disease. Not to mention winter yards would not support the numbers of deer, and many would be eaten alive by predators!

21 Jan 4, 2009 11:33:49 PM
whitetailfreak on Bucktracker: Can you say “Monster”?

John D, did you even read the whole sentence that you qouted? I said "Most anyone can shoot large bucks (not of this size because he was a freak) if they don’t play by the rules" Obvious this buck is larger than most people will ever see. I am not a jellous hunter, I just appreciate ethical hunters. If he did shoot this while following the rules that is awesome but from the stories I have heard by some quality sources I am reluctant to believe this animal was taken in a legal fasion.

22 Jan 3, 2009 2:09:48 AM
kevin on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

Why hasn’t this deer should up at any local contests?

23 Jan 2, 2009 9:12:37 PM
traditional larry on BuckTracker: Today's Two-Fer

that top buck with the drop tines is a real monster. to bad he wasn't killed with a bow- and i don't mean a compound, but a bow.

24 Jan 2, 2009 1:40:08 PM
Whitetail nut on Exclusive Video: Is This the Walking Record Whitetail?

This deer was shot Nov. 1 and officially scored 233+ as Wisconsin's new archery record. Congratulations Bob Decker on a super buck and your fantastic luck at experiencing such a wild critter that didn't make a mistake until the rut kicked in.

To those of you who have nothing positive to say ... all I can say is, where the heck is Scott B. or ANY moderator? All the threads with politics and personal attacks should be stripped. Also, having to read 38 pages to get to the end of this is simply a "clicks" tactic to improve the hit count. C'mon moderators, please clean this up.

25 Jan 2, 2009 12:29:04 AM
Robert Wankel on 100 Best Public-Land Hunts: Tennessee

CATOOSA 100 deer harvested on 82,000 acres seems like a generous number to me have have lived right next door to catoosa for several years and am an deer hunter just never fell for hunting on the land for several reasons theres 82000 acres of witch less than half is even accesiable and when every one and there brother gets out there and the deer start to feel the hunting pressure to move off of catoosa well not entirely they move to the places that you wouldnt want to hike to let alone drag a deer out of and you can trust me on that I have seen it. I lived with my brother in a cabin that is in a cunk of land that cuts up in to catoosa by the morgan county line and every time the hunters whent in the woods the deer were in my front and back yard through out the day and the numbers far exceded the harvest. living in two locations right out side of catoosa for the past 12 years has taught me one thing I will never wast my time appling of a hunt there and keep begging my neighbors year after year for the right to hunt there land that is right next to catoosa because when you all get in your stands the good deer run my way and the comment about the boar is slowly become more and more of a realization the prorerty I hunt 4 years ago whitch runs along catoosa north and south off of US 127 you would have hardly every see a boar know we are starting to pull some monsters out of there and there coming off of catoosa we always had problems to the west and north west with 2 hunting lodges inability to keep there boar in the fences witch has slowly gained a respectiable heard of russian boars west of my house but you never seen them on the much to the east of the hunting lodges witch makes me wonder were the boar on catoosa are coming from surely to god with all the problems they have caused the ranchers to the east of use twra wasnt dumb enough to release them like they did the linx witch like 4 or 5 of them they released came off of catoosa and into are back yards and were killing our poultry and attacking cattle and horses and had to exterminated. So times I wounder if these people even have any common sense at all what did some one just say hay there use to be mountlions here years ago so lets let 1000 of them go on 82000 acres of mostly inhabatable land and hope they stay there and dont leave and harm any of the citezens surounding the wildlife managment area because catoosa has to have the highest amount of residence out of any in the state surounding it. Being a advide hiker and amuture photographer I have been in the places the deer love around catoosa and through catoosa and can say for sure from pictures I have taken in the past that there is a large number of deer in the aera unfortiantly they are smarter than the average hunter and know that you are to lazy to go tracking down the side of a gourge to find them. The major part of the catoosa heard will spead north of the accesiable parts of catoosa to wards clear creek and roam east and west fallowing the oh crap I cant remeber the name right know back south witch long past has taken them off of wildlife managment land and sets themgrazing on private fields buy the dozens. I grew up in Indiana nice deer but right here around catoosa is were I have seen the strangest sight I have ever seen a small heards of does and young bucks before and during the rut to gether in the feilds grazing 20 to 30 at a time this is a common sight in Indiana but never before the end of January at witch time you might see 20 to 100 deer of young and mature does and bucks hearding to gether in the feilds but never more than 5 together before and during the rut hardly ever a young buck most button bucks get chased away from there mothers in the rut not even a year old. Not to discourdge any one out of tring to hunt on catoosa I would wish the best of luck to young men suck as the postmans son just to your homework the defenition of hunting doesnt come form the action of sitting in the woods and hoping a deers walks by I mean shoot everyone gets lucky every once in awhile. And if any one has any questions about the habits of the deer and movement patterns for this area around catoosa email me at [email protected] I will do my best to help I am sure some of my knowledge would be quiet usefull. best of luck to all in these last few days of the hunting season.

26 Dec 31, 2008 10:59:47 PM
thebowhunter on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

i would like to know if you could really call it fenced in on 12.000 acres does any body know just how big that really is that is 20 square miles,i dont belive in fenced in hunts either ,but that is a lot of room to run,,i can hunt a square mile ,and its hard to get a nice buck on that and if it had 19 more square miles around it,,,well just think about it

27 Dec 31, 2008 10:40:04 AM
... on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

The Zoo has great animals too! Hunt them when they're free!

28 Dec 31, 2008 10:18:19 AM
Adam on BuckTracker: Merry Christmas from My Deer Camp to Yours

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

29 Dec 31, 2008 10:14:22 AM
Adam on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

Those G2s are incredible! Great Buck!

30 Dec 31, 2008 10:12:34 AM
Adam on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

High fence or not that is a beautiful whitetail!

31 Dec 31, 2008 7:57:09 AM
R on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

Well over 200, not bad for a pet! 200 inches would be like what 25K or so? Don't disrespect the jordan buck by comparing it to a a caged animal.

32 Dec 31, 2008 3:31:14 AM
Matt Z. on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

Looks like the Jordan buck's got a big brother. The mass is similar, but wider. The first ebams are cured, too. I'll bet it scores well over 200 P&Y.

33 Dec 30, 2008 12:15:49 PM
B.T. on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

You can't compare hunting an island with hunting a high fence farm...In case you didn't know deer can swim, quite well I might add. They have been know to swim Long Island Sound and fisherman I personally know have seen them on their way to Block Island. Island hunting is fair chase hunting.

34 Dec 30, 2008 10:38:42 AM
Gusto on BuckTracker: Today's Two-Fer

The attached link is from the local newpaper. The deer is very real, I've seen it first hand.

35 Dec 30, 2008 10:37:20 AM
Gusto on BuckTracker: Today's Two-Fer

36 Dec 30, 2008 9:46:01 AM
John D on Bucktracker: Can you say “Monster”?

Whoever said "most anyone can shoot deer like this if they don't play by the rules" is wrong. God doesn't make too many like that one.

However, I will join your Cooter hatefest. He is fat and he shot a bigger deer than I'll ever see. I heard he kicks orphans, and litters also.

37 Dec 30, 2008 9:35:30 AM
John D on Pennsylvania Considers Crossbows For Archery Season

Amen Ray.

It comes down to a rampant American misconception that everyone is "entitled." If you want to use a crossbow, use it during gun season. Or how about this: if you can't draw a bow, wait for gun season. Every state has one.

From a man who's fired crossbows, please don't try to say shooting one is as critical as shooting a bow. If you can put your head on the stock and squeeze the trigger, you can drive tacks with those things. Just like with a gun. A bow requires a great deal more physical and mental control to shoot accurately, and there is another world of variables to deal with.

38 Dec 30, 2008 7:27:07 AM
MJ on Bucktracker: Can you say “Monster”?


39 Dec 29, 2008 11:01:56 PM
Ray on Pennsylvania Considers Crossbows For Archery Season

I think that the essence of archery is the vertical string and loading the bow by hand and muscle power. Quietly drawing a bow at close range to an animal and remaining unseen is all part of it. Using a crossbow eliminates the need for these skills. I think that if people want a special season for crossbows they should have it but it should not be part of the archery season for deer. If crossbows are allowed in bow season why not lazer guided bolts? Must all traditions be destroyed because relatively fewer people are willing to learn the disciplines and skills involved?

40 Dec 29, 2008 7:53:28 PM
William R on Pennsylvania Considers Crossbows For Archery Season

I am a crossbow, compound, recurve, and long bow owner/user. I can shoot my compound more accurately anyday, than anyone (including myself) who shoots a xbow. With todays compounds, the speed and trajectory are one and the same with the xbows. You can buy compounds with the same FPS and energy as a top of line xbow. For the comment made about not having to have consistant form with a xbow, your wrong there. If your string isnt in the exact same postion everytime, your shot is off target (1/32nd of an inch can make an inch or more difference on target placement). If your bolt nock isnt consistantly aligned with the string, your bolt is off target. If your firmness of grip on the xbow is inconsistent, your bolt can go off target as much as 8in. Xbows and compounds have many pros and cons but I wouldnt say either has any significant advantage over the other. The advantage a crossbow has is the benefit of not having to draw without being seen by animal. The advantage a compound is that they can shoot quietly with incredible speeds without having the animal reacting as much before the arrow hits the animal. Theres pros and cons to both. Both are difficult to have all the pieces of the puzzle to go right to get the opportunity to down an animal. I believe crossbows should be legal, the day of primitive weapons have been gone since the recurves and longbows were put in the attics years ago when compounds came into play. If you argue that a compound is a primitive weapon, I dont think so, I cant say I ever saw a picture of a Native American packing a matthews or hoyt.

41 Dec 29, 2008 2:55:12 AM
chris on Would You Shoot an Albino Buck?

I would like to believe that I wouldnt harvest the animal unless it toted a trophy rack. I dont believe in any sort of bad luck or sacred inidan legend but I do believe that an albino deer is an amazing sight to see and its genetic rarety makes it quit a special thing. I wouldnt want to take that opportunity away from other people who enjoy the outdoors.

42 Dec 28, 2008 9:51:33 PM
greg on BuckTracker: Buck Meets Grim Reaper

actually this deer was killed in central kansas by a farmer who was combining and the deer was wounded and couldn't get up or out of the way of the machine, I know the farmer.

43 Dec 28, 2008 6:48:21 PM
Your Mamma on News: Alabama Hunter Bags Two-Headed Deer

Whitetail, more like Yellowtail! Your arrogance is putrid!

44 Dec 28, 2008 6:47:03 PM
Your Mamma on News: Alabama Hunter Bags Two-Headed Deer

I just returned from Iraq three months ago, and this is what I get for standing up to you lowly cowards!

45 Dec 28, 2008 6:45:44 PM
Your Mamma on News: Alabama Hunter Bags Two-Headed Deer

Deer hunters killed my family pet this morning in my yard! You cowards! I will devote all my spare time to making hunting a miserable experience to all of you!

46 Dec 28, 2008 5:17:49 PM
Walt Smith on BuckTracker: Merry Christmas from My Deer Camp to Yours

Too funny, only thing to make it better would be 3-4 hanging.

47 Dec 28, 2008 4:56:23 PM
Britton Haldeman on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

Nice deer! I live and hunt in TX. Yes many ranches have their deer trained to the sound of a feeder. However, that doesn't mean that every deer comes into the feeder every time. I have a nice 10 point on my game camera at my feeder and have never seen him in the flesh. I wouldn't shoot him this year anyway. Game camera has only gotten him at the feeder once in 4 months. Granted it's not a high fenced ranch. High fences have taken over much of South Texas. Unfortunately the mighty dollar rules and people have found that some are willing to pay big bucks for well.. Big Bucks. I think that there are two basic scenarios. You've got the ranch that has a guide who has the buck patterned and knows pretty much exactly where they are at any time of the day. The success of a hunter on this type of ranch is very good. There are some hunters that will go to a high fenced ranch and choose to truly hunt and may come up empty handed. I would rather spot and stalk than hunt a feeder any day. Happy New Year everyone.

48 Dec 27, 2008 4:51:37 PM
Witless on 100 Best Public-Land Hunts: Pennsylvania

Anyone have information about NJ hunting, say Delaware Water Gap, Worthington State Forest area? I'm wondering if the added expense of an out of state hunting license is worth it. It sure can't be any worse than the audubon society inspired hunting in Pa. is. I wonder if there are any deer on the public land in New Jersey. Or is all private hunting like in Pa.

49 Dec 27, 2008 10:31:11 AM
jklugh on 100 Best Public-Land Hunts: South Carolina

All the big bucks are on private lands

50 Dec 27, 2008 2:35:14 AM
Cam on BuckTracker: Merry Christmas from My Deer Camp to Yours

Archery season is just wrapping up here in Minnesota and as in most years once slug season has taken its toll the deer have all but turned nocturnal. Still a joy to get home from a tough semester at college and get into the fields and riverbottoms that havn't changed a bit.(Besides the foot and a half of snow of course)

51 Dec 27, 2008 12:10:28 AM
mt101 on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

High fence or low in texas it dosen't really matter, the deer hear the feeder go off and come running. They're just cows with different horns. and yes I have hunted there but for hogs.

52 Dec 26, 2008 10:09:25 PM
Greg on BuckTracker: Merry Christmas from My Deer Camp to Yours

That aint right! I love it!!LMAO

53 Dec 26, 2008 10:57:58 AM
Lonely_Older_Women on BuckTracker: A 212 B&C Iowa Monster

I'll bookmark your site! Keep up a good job!

54 Dec 26, 2008 9:43:30 AM
TOM SHIREY on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

I hunt in Pa where thee are no fences or island and yes I would like one like this for my wall but I will continue to do it the hard way on my own and no guide

55 Dec 25, 2008 11:41:52 PM
Josh Thurston on 100 Best Public-Land Hunts: Kansas

You nailed it on the head with the deer hunting going down the tube! Took a trip with three guys out there, and hunted hard. got one 130 inch 8 point(only good buck seen). We spotlighted on tuttle for 2 hours before daylight and saw 5 Deer! The DNR has really messed the public up by allowing too many doe kills. We did see some nice bucks on private, but couldn't hunt. Not to mention woods were like a battle field for the first four days.

56 Dec 25, 2008 10:23:32 PM
H on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

Dave if you can't realize the difference then I don't know what to tell you. Its a huge difference, those deer you hunt are "FREE", the fenced in farm deer are pets!

57 Dec 25, 2008 9:41:29 PM
Travis on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

Nope Dave your good to go

58 Dec 25, 2008 8:41:47 PM
Witless on 100 Best Public-Land Hunts: Pennsylvania

Mr. Accountable,

I do not believe you and I do not care if you believe me. If one hunter out of 500 shoots a deer in rifle season, that's close enough to extinct for me to know that I will not see a deer in rifle season. I know people with handicap access, shooting multiple deer from vehicles, on public and private land, in the early seasons. I'm bitter because I work, play by the rules, and get no special privileges. How can you tell when a game commissioner is lying? His lips are moving.

59 Dec 25, 2008 1:11:54 PM
Dave Buchanan on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

I hunt on Beaver Island (Lake Michigan) it has 11.5k acres, which is less than the ranch this deer was taken on. If I shoot a big one on the island does that mean it wasnt fair chase. I dont think so.

60 Dec 25, 2008 12:52:29 PM
t on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

if ti was shot in side a fence, you just as well cut the antlers of and use them for rattleing,(it's a nice buck but in a fence, come on thats not real hunting no matter how many acers)

61 Dec 25, 2008 2:56:54 AM
justin d on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

This is a nice buck regardless. But I do agree with Randy. The degree of appreciation for it and the hunter would be greatly lessened by it being killed in a fenced in farm.

62 Dec 25, 2008 1:38:27 AM
Josh on BuckTracker: Merry Christmas from My Deer Camp to Yours

Merry Christmas, the bucks have already starting shedding their antlers up here in the central Upper Peninsula but I'm still looking for a few does to fill the freezer in late bow season. It's been a tough year up here. The wolves have moved in to the area and deer numbers are down significantly but I'm still plugging along. We have about 15 inches of snow on the ground now and more on the way so I don't know how much the deer are going to move or will be able to move. Anyway a day in the deer stand is better than any day out of one.

63 Dec 24, 2008 10:35:20 PM
Randy on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

On the outside, I beleive in fair chase! A true hunter that doesn't need a fenced in farm in order to shot a trophy. i would rather be proud of a trophy that I worked for. Something that I can put on my wall and in the record book. Think about it and yes it is as simple as that!!!

64 Dec 24, 2008 9:42:59 PM
timo on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

what side of the fence would you like to be on? simple as that!!!

65 Dec 24, 2008 2:28:09 PM
Greg Brush on BuckTracker: Merry Christmas from My Deer Camp to Yours

Nice hanging-buck lights, Scott! Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours too! My successful Wisc. bowhunt is a distant (but wonderful!) memory, and my thirst grows a bit each day! So, to answer your question of "Is anyone still hunting out there?" A resounding "yes"-some of us are still "hunting" in Alaska, although not what most folks think of as a traditional pursuit. Last week, to her horror, my wife discovered a rogue shrew taking up residence in her Honda Pilot! Game on! Spotted him once running from under drivers seat (obvious feeding area) to the dash board/firewall (bedding area) and identified him as a solid record-book candidate! Felt I had him "patterned" well right from the get go, although a shadow of doubt and slight nerves was present as in any hunt for a trophy critter! I set four "stands" (i.e. mouse traps) loaded with chunky Skippy (baiting for shrews is legal here!) in travel routes (floor mats) next to the other three food "plots" (i.e. seats) and proceeded to put my time in-brought the car in the garage and turned up the heat. The next morning my patience was rewarded, as I got him clean the first sit!I While still considering whether to have a full body mount or just a shoulder, I bask in the short-lived satisfaction of another successful hunt and reap the rewards (another warm meal!) from a very appreciative wife! Yes, winters are long, cold and dark up here; we do what ever it takes to temporarily get our "fix!"

66 Dec 24, 2008 11:58:40 AM
DY on BuckTracker: Merry Christmas from My Deer Camp to Yours

Merry Christmas to you and yours as well, Scott. Some of us will head out for the late archery and blackpowder seasons here in SW PA. Temps should be in the mid-40's for a couple days after Christmas, a nice present in itself.

67 Dec 24, 2008 10:29:15 AM
Randy on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

Great buck, yes or no? Yes if it was a fair chase kill and of coarse NO if it was shot in a high fence farm. I guess people with money can kill a gaint and make people think that they're true hunters. I wouldn't admit to killing this animal either! Was it tied to a tree as well. The guy probably fed it grains from his hand right before claiming it.

68 Dec 24, 2008 10:22:22 AM
jose from texas on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

nice texas buck

69 Dec 24, 2008 10:10:40 AM
Jack on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

Good looking buck.

70 Dec 24, 2008 9:00:00 AM
Glirlvorn on Should Michigan Protect Albino Deer?


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71 Dec 24, 2008 5:40:03 AM
B.T. on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

I found this on a Texas Blog Site,

"Know the guy that guided the hunter to the buck. Actually,the guy in the pic is the guide. He's from here in Comfort. I think he told me that it scorded 193.

Hunter was from Dallas or Houston, can't remember. I think the ranch wants to fly under the radar but is about 12K acres high fenced and yes near La Pryor. Had him patterned and then the buck went off the pattern but they found him 3or 4 days into the hunt. Great deer"

72 Dec 24, 2008 2:45:59 AM
Brett Becker on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

La Pryor is a town in South Texas very near "The Golden Triangle" for trophy bucks. This buck will surely be entered very soon in some of the South Texas trophy contests such as "Muy Grande" and "Los Cazadores."

73 Dec 23, 2008 5:01:42 PM
John D on BuckTracker: Another Mystery Buck

High fence. $36,000.

Just guessing!

74 Dec 23, 2008 11:22:33 AM
Paul on BuckTracker: The Thrill Killers

This last Saturday, my buddy and I were driving around and found a beautiful buck that had fallen victim to being hit by a vehicle. The rack on this buck was amazing. We pulled over and removed the antlers. We were then pulled over 13 miles down the road by the local sheriff. He informed us that in Colorado if the antlers are over 22 inches that it is illegal to remove them from roadkill. Luckily he let us go without a ticket or a fine but conficated the antlers and returned them to the Division of Wildlife. I have searched the internet and found nothing clarifying the laws regarding roadkill. I have also put some calls in to local wildlife managers and am currently awaiting a return call. I will write again with any more information I can find.

75 Dec 23, 2008 9:08:12 AM
Steve on BuckTracker: Today's Two-Fer

I hunted the property just to the north of where the Baldwin buck was shot during bow season. I had him at 30 yards on Nov 1st but he was behind some brush. Man, I saw the drop tines on the right side but had no idea he was that big. Unfortunately he was following a doe and she busted me in my tree. He never saw me but knew something was up. If she wouldn't have busted me, I would have put an arrow thru him or fallen out of the tree, whichever came first. That was the first time I saw him and hunted hard after that hoping to get another crack at him.

76 Dec 22, 2008 5:48:36 PM
Matthew Leman on BuckTracker: Buck Meets Grim Reaper

This was in a central Illinois cornfield. I know because I was the one operating the combine and the one holding the deer in the photo that was to graphic to show to most of the viewing public. It was not photo-shopped and I can prove it! I have a few other photos that are also too graphic for the general public.

77 Dec 22, 2008 3:09:35 PM
kevin on BuckTracker: Buck Meets Grim Reaper

Perhaps this buck was bedded with a Hot Doe. She didn't leave so he wasn't about to. Live for the tail, Die for it as well.

78 Dec 22, 2008 12:05:56 PM
Eric on BuckTracker: Buck Meets Grim Reaper

I believe this buck was caught in a combine near the town of Wenona in Illinois. I know my cousin was called out to the scene by the local farmer to help remove it. I am sure this is the same deer.

79 Dec 22, 2008 9:53:16 AM
Kaboom on BuckTracker: You're Such A Freak!

Hey guys,
I wanted to let you know of a new website and blog for all sportsman.( We are up for business but officially launching in 2009. We have editors consisting of Texas fishing (lake,coastal)guides and hunting experts to feed our readers up to date information and tips. Please join our blog or at least say hi, thanks for your support.

80 Dec 21, 2008 2:45:52 PM
Daniel Baughman on Pennsylvania Considers Crossbows For Archery Season

I am a PA bowhunter, and I do not welcome the addition of crossguns to archery season.

Crossbows put a hunter at an advantage as compared to compound bows. You do not have to draw them in the presence of game, they have a flatter trajectory, can be rested on a solid surface just like a rifle, are often topped with scopes, and they do not require the shooter to have consistant form. A crossbow takes away all the difficulty in shooting an actual bow, minus having to judge distance.

I am not completely opposed to having a season that allows them statewide, for a week or so, just as the PGC allows a brief inline ML season in October. I am, however, opposed to calling it archery season.

81 Dec 21, 2008 1:25:51 AM
joshd on BuckTracker: You're Such A Freak!

THis is something that can actually happen to bucks. The way in which it can happen is if the scalp in between the two antlers is ripped from the bucks head. then the pedicals actually fuse together across the top of the head and fuse and the antlers will be shed as one. i've seen this a couple of times in captive animals and they will live through it.
this is similar to if you've ever seen bucks with a small "unicorn" antler on its forehead, which probably is the results of a tine from another buck puncturing the forehead.
this is a pretty extreme stump on this guys head, though!

82 Dec 20, 2008 9:09:01 PM
Dating_Capricorn_Men on BuckTracker: A 212 B&C Iowa Monster

Enjoyed your site very much. Thank you! ;-) Keep up a good job!

83 Dec 20, 2008 7:45:43 PM
? on BuckTracker: Buck Meets Grim Reaper

Silly deer. It shoulda bit the !@#$%^&%$# combine back.

84 Dec 20, 2008 7:43:38 PM
? on BuckTracker: Buck Meets Grim Reaper

Silly deer, If he was smart he woulda bit the combine back!!

85 Dec 20, 2008 11:31:28 AM
Nathan Greathouse on 100 Best Public-Land Hunts: West Virginia

My father was from Hundred West Virginia. Before he passed, he took me to the area he was from to look for property to hunt. However we were unsuccessful, and he has since past. I am from Ohio, but would love to find a great spot in southern West Virgina to go every year to hunt Whitetaile deer. I have a 5 year old son and one on the way, my son Hunter can't wait untill he can go hunting with dad. I can't wait to instill In him what my father instilled in me. Wy southern West Virginia u ask? I have heard that this area offers great whitetaile deer hunting. Specifically the the Allagany area.

86 Dec 20, 2008 10:15:17 AM
Bob on BuckTracker: You're Such A Freak!

As strange as it may look. It is real. I am the guy who shot it. It was shot in Pennsylvania and taken to my Taxidermist in Maryland.The photos are actual .We counted 29 points but the rack is so non-typical that I have no clue how you could score it. It is 14" around the base,I have other photos of the deer but I do not know how to post them online. Just wanted to let the non-believers know that this is not a fake photo.

87 Dec 20, 2008 3:16:49 AM
Dillon Meier on BuckTracker: The Thrill Killers

I am from jones county Iowa we have alot of poachers and trespassers. I report these kinds of things but the IDNR. Never seems to get around to doing anything. I am also an avid trapper and trap under bridges and road ditches I know i take a risk when setting ditches of theft so opening night of coon season i kept the hounds home and sat down the crick to watch anyone stealing traps. i caught a local guy threatened him and i had the sherrifs department at my house for trespassing charges so i guess what i am getting at is it is time to do something dramatic to get peoples attention. I know this year if i catch scum trespassing onto my land i will solve the problem myself. The unlucky person wont will finally be put in his place by me is this the right step or not?

88 Dec 19, 2008 9:10:55 PM
Walt Smith on BuckTracker: Way Up in the U.P.

Hey Darrell KUDO'S from the Cripple Haven camp, Iron River, Mi. It's nice to see somebody get one of the U.P. monsters that the rest of us only hear going clackity clackity clack through the the tag alders HUH!!

89 Dec 19, 2008 9:04:22 PM
Walt Smith on BuckTracker: Buck Meets Grim Reaper

Live by the corn, Die by the corn.

90 Dec 19, 2008 1:01:08 PM
SAVE THE DEER on 100 Best Public-Land Hunts: Minnesota

why would anybody hunt deer?? i mean they are harmless animals jsut trting to live there life! how woiuld u feel if somone shot u and put your head on the wall???

91 Dec 19, 2008 12:01:33 AM
KC on BuckTracker: Would You Sell Your Rack?

I wonder, how much would a 140 pt go for...

92 Dec 18, 2008 2:48:43 PM
George on Video Report: Minnesota Man Rescues Deer On Ice—Twice

Good for you, Steve! Persistence pays off.

93 Dec 18, 2008 2:16:59 PM
MN Hunter on 100 Best Public-Land Hunts: Minnesota

Minnesota's number of hunters is just right for the population. In fact, we wouldn't shoot all the little bucks if they would give out more doe permits. They say our numbers are low, well obviously not, when I drive the roads in my area and on the interstate, all I see on the side of the road is dead deer. So if our population is so low, why are we blaming JUST the hunters? People aren't slowing down in deer areas and then they complain to the insurance companies about the deer. Well in the words of Bill Engvall--"Here's your sign"

94 Dec 18, 2008 11:02:34 AM
on BuckTracker: Today's Two-Fer

Last November I was driving on Hwy 56 not far from Topeka. Saw a huge 9 point with a drop tine following 2 doe accross a bean field.

95 Dec 18, 2008 7:38:45 AM
Topeka,KS on BuckTracker: Today's Two-Fer

And as I look closer at the photo of #1, it does had a Kansas Deer Carcass Tag on it...

96 Dec 18, 2008 7:36:35 AM
TopekaKS on BuckTracker: Today's Two-Fer

The first buck was killed near Baldwin City, KS...Douglas County, just south of Lawrence, KS. He is a local fella and this deer has yet to have been seen by anyone else on the property...Hmmm...I really hate rifle a sport and pick up a bow...

97 Dec 18, 2008 3:52:07 AM
Paul on 100 Best Public-Land Hunts: Virginia

I live in Chesterfield Co. Where can I practice with my rifle and handgun other than WMA's ?

98 Dec 18, 2008 3:07:54 AM
chance on BuckTracker: Today's Two-Fer

boone and crockett dont even have any idea.

99 Dec 17, 2008 6:53:45 PM
timo on BuckTracker: Today's Two-Fer

on 1-st buck! I'm in disbelief and glad that someone has that kind of luck.When I see whitetail 365, I can't wait to see a monster rack!!!

100 Dec 17, 2008 5:59:04 PM
Deer Hunting on BuckTracker: Today's Two-Fer

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