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December 04, 2008

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Video Report: Montana Ranchers Untangle Locked Bucks

From the Great Falls Tribune:

The chores at the neighbors' ranch went way beyond the usual last Friday for the Walleweins of north Toole County. The family had to gang up to separate two trophy whitetail bucks that had locked horns while fighting during the rut. . . .

Jesse and Lance sat on one deer while Mike Wallewein sat on the other. He told his kids to get ready to jump when he got the deer undone.

"I undone them. The one with the horn through its mouth took off. I was sitting on the other one and I jumped up but it just lay there. It was so winded. It gave me a chance to count the points. I rolled it over with my foot and then it jumped up and took off."


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Wow for ounce someone didn't shoot a set of locked deer, well done.


Very Well Done!!! This proves that with a little team work, a person is able to untangle two locked bucks instead of just shooting them on the spot. Nice to see that the bucks have a chance against hunters now.

Tyler (NC)

im impressed

John D

Experienced cattlemen only. Don't try that sh!t at home.


all star buck wrestling at it's best! just a bunch of tough guy farmers "LET'm GO LET'm GROW !!!!!

Jim in Mo

I'm glad they didn't shoot them but using a hack saw would have been safer.


Most of the time one is shot because the other one is dead and trying to free them is dangerous. Found a set of locked heads last year, coyotes had eaten the rest. Nature is cruel but part of life.


Great footage! That is wild!

Kevin Paulson

I have to agree that this is cool footage but I clearly agree with the fourth comment. Experienced Cattleman and wildlife officers only. If you out in the outdoors by yourself do not try this at home.


I don't know if hacksawing would have been safer. I once witnessed a 7 pt being sawed from a barbed wire fence when I was about 8. He was real calm at first, even when the good sir laid hands on him. But when that saw started vibrating his head, he got nervous and went ballistic. Luckily the deer was sawed free and the guy only got a small bruise on his shin.

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