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December 10, 2008

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Bucktracker: Can you say “Monster”?

With the first of two Iowa shotgun seasons winding down, I figured pics of some huge Hawkeye bucks would start circulating. My hunch proved correct when a friend shot me the following photo today.

According to the accompanying story, the buck was shot by Des Moines resident Chris Wood while he and buddies from Perficut Lawn Care were making a drive near Bedford, Iowa. The buck sports 33 scorable points, plus a drop tine. Though Wood will have to wait 60 days to have the rack officially scored, the buck was green-scored at 264-0/8”. If this score holds, the buck would be the new #2 buck in the Iowa record books.


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Big Bucks telling a story, imagine that. Yeah it takes all kinds on this blog including big pie holes like Big Bucks!!!


well I think you may be stretching the truth a little because if he wants the record then it requires a drying period and they wouldn't mount it until after the drying period and it gets scored officially.

big bucks

yea cooter, deer mounts don't get mounted over night. That's funny.


I hunt in the general area and have talked to a friend that works for the DNR and also knows the guy who complained to the hunters. It is my understanding that the group that was hunting was asked to leave by the land owner but they didn’t. Maybe someone said they could hunt but it wasn’t the current land owner, which is what matters. The fact that you look at the deer hanging and you can tell that it either isn't tagged at all or is tagged illegally to me says something already about the hunters credibility. It is my understanding that both the sheriff and the DNR were called. Anyone that is familiar with Southern Iowa knows that response time is not the best, especially when the DNR is a little busy with all the other problems that arise opening weekend of the gun season and it doesn’t take long to load a deer if you can drive to it. I’m not saying they did but in a lot of southern IA farms that is the case. I just don’t understand people in general that get a kick out of shooting animals in an unethical or illegal manner. How much pleasure can one person derive from showboating an animal that was taken in a questionable fashion? Most anyone can shoot large bucks (not of this size because he was a freak) if they don’t play by the rules.


What was this deer shot with?


A shotgun



John D

Whoever said "most anyone can shoot deer like this if they don't play by the rules" is wrong. God doesn't make too many like that one.

However, I will join your Cooter hatefest. He is fat and he shot a bigger deer than I'll ever see. I heard he kicks orphans, and litters also.


John D, did you even read the whole sentence that you qouted? I said "Most anyone can shoot large bucks (not of this size because he was a freak) if they don’t play by the rules" Obvious this buck is larger than most people will ever see. I am not a jellous hunter, I just appreciate ethical hunters. If he did shoot this while following the rules that is awesome but from the stories I have heard by some quality sources I am reluctant to believe this animal was taken in a legal fasion.

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