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December 10, 2008

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Bucktracker: Can you say “Monster”?

With the first of two Iowa shotgun seasons winding down, I figured pics of some huge Hawkeye bucks would start circulating. My hunch proved correct when a friend shot me the following photo today.

According to the accompanying story, the buck was shot by Des Moines resident Chris Wood while he and buddies from Perficut Lawn Care were making a drive near Bedford, Iowa. The buck sports 33 scorable points, plus a drop tine. Though Wood will have to wait 60 days to have the rack officially scored, the buck was green-scored at 264-0/8”. If this score holds, the buck would be the new #2 buck in the Iowa record books.


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Awesome buck, the unique browtines are remarkable.

Pete Conner

Gives me buck fever just looking at the photo,Congrats to Chris, that is a buck of a lifetime,


i think my heart would have blown up!!!!!!!!! SUPER BUCK...hope the story is as good.




I got a text of another buck from IOWA. Says it the new world record. I don't think it is but its bigger than this. Or real close. I MOVING TO IOWA. Congrats to Chris


how does one go about obtaining mr bestuls email address?


wow nice deer!!!! do you have any field pictures? or were you in to big of a hurry to get off the ground you were trepassing on. so big of a hurry that you didnt even field dress it. hi cooter!


nice buck!! i enjoy seeing field pictures do you have any? or to big of a hurry, or were u shaking because you were so nervous? either way i bet it was a real treat field dressing that monster!!! hi cooter!


Great Buck It is amazing how someone just assumes you shot that giant on their property just because they may have a picture on a trail cam......I had a 23 point on my property and had several pictures on my camera and that buck was shot this weekend 2.5 miles away from mine. Again great buck and congratulation


Robert. I think I have seen your posts on other forums sticking up for your friend who shot this buck. Well I think I will stick up for my friend from who land the buck was shot on. The same friend who was sitting in the tree stand yelling at them as they were walking through his ground. Of course some of the locals are going to get mad over a situation like this. How would he feel if we went up to Des Moines walked on his ground and shot a world class buck. Look at it that way.


Iowa Bucks
That was my first post ever on any forum. I don't know the shooter at all. If (in fact) it was shot on your friends ground A. Why didn't he call the Sheriff, DNR the first time, I am sure he had his cell phone. B. It would have taken several people to get this monster off your friends property a while field dressed or not. C. Why didn't he approach them before or after it was shot if they were on there illegally. I can appreciate the fact that if this was shot illegally but all your friend had to do was call and we wouldn't be having this discussion


I am sorry for accusing you of being the guy who was posting on other forums. As a matter of a fact the police where called from what I hear. Like malaki357 said before they were probably pretty quick to get off the land as soon as they shot the buck. This land is around 8 miles from the police station. Also what is one hunter going to do about it when there is a group of hunters pushing through his property. I am sure he did all he could to run them off his land. Sorry for getting frustrated there is just a lot of people pissed off about this whole situation. If he would of had permission to hunt the ground then I have no problem with him shooting this world class buck. I would be the first to congratulate him.


This deer has illegal kill all over it. Out trespassing, being told to leave then coming back later to get the deer, now posting it all over the place trying to get your deer hunting fame. The DNR needs to give this guy a trespassing ticket and confiscate his deer or it sends a bad message about hunting.

Walt Smith

The fella in the photo must have had a lot of buddies to help him drag that one out, otherwise he probably would've had a heart attack. Look's like he hasn't missed very many all-you-can-eat buffets! So where was this killed at anyhow?? looks like a farm raised deer, not a wild one!!


This buck was shot about 5 miles south of my hometown in Bedford, IA. The owners of the property knew this buck was there because they kept seeing it on their trail cams. One of the hunters that hunts that area actually thought he hit the deer a few weeks earlier bow hunting. The talk around town this weekend is that they either already confiscated it or plan to confiscate the deer. I hope so.


i heard that this buck was shot by dexter, iowa??? even had someone send me a pic. to my phone. the same one that is one this web. does anyone really know where it was shot at?


Trust me it was shot in Bedford, IA. It is my hometown. There is a lot of controversy over this deer. Some people in town even saw the deer when they brought it in town.


No matter if it was or wasn't shot legally, he is into it big now by posting this all over the internet, that the great thing about these things people are stupid when it comes to having a world class animal, they can't wait until the heat is turned down.
Nice deer though, too bad a kid didn't shoot it as his first deer, it would be one to remember!


Hey Iowa Bucks, if it was your deer would you want them to come take it away from you because of a bunch of rednecks being jealous, the deer could stray off land quite a few miles away if they were pushing it, doesn't mean it was taken on your friends land, so shut the pie hole!


So this deer was shot on ground he didnt have permission to hunt on huh? Wow, thats funny. If I recall correctly it took us a little over an hour to get that deer dressed, and drug out of the timber...one would think thats plenty of time for an officer to show up, not to mention the fact there were 5 trucks parked on the side of the hiway waiting for them to get the deer. Hilarious! JMO!


Your asking if I would be upset if someone came and took the deer from me? What kind of stupid question is that? If this guy did shoot this deer legally than more power to him I am happy for him. However if he did shoot it illegally and was trespassing he has no right to get mad if they came and confiscated the deer. That is all I have to say. The truth will eventually come out. It always does.

big buck

looks like the dnr have it now! That's funny and that's what you deserve.

bedford big bucks

hey cooter, why don't you buy your own land and hunt it istead of hunting other peoples. No one likes people like that.


Iowa Bucks, i never asked a question, Just stated what happened. I have no idea if anyone bowhunts that land. All I know, is we had permission to shotgun hunt it, and thats what we did.

Bedford, i do own land that i take care of. I was hunting with a group of people, i was not the one that had the hunting property set up. They have been hunting the same property for 7+ years.


Big bucks, your wrong, the dnr does not have that deer, the taxidermist has it and its getting mounted as I type this message, funny you have the wrong information.

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