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December 02, 2008

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BuckTracker: What’s Up in Wisconsin?!

OK, by now you know the “Field & Stream buck” is dead. If you don’t, check out Colin Kearn’s great story on the Buffalo County giant shot by bowhunter Bob Decker early this month. But if you think Wisconsin is done producing monster for the year, here’s another whopper to ponder.

Heath Tschumper of La Crosse shot this incredible 12-point in western Wisconsin about a week after Decker’s trophy fell. This buck sports great mass, tall tines and excellent symmetry. In fact, it will likely outscore Decker’s buck on the typical side. Heath’s buck has 42” of mass measurements alone, and minus a couple sticker points, seems to have few deductions.


These two giants prove why Wisconsin leads the nation in the number of P&Y entries, and the top-end bucks from the Badger State just keep getting better and better. With the Wisconsin firearms season set to open on Saturday, I expect to see even more super bucks come from here this fall! Great buck, Heath!


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I was up in wisconsin this summer and saw a critter on the side of the road standing in a clear section of a corn feild. I thought for sure that doe was a cow until I double-checked. That thing was a huge, fat momma of a deer! They do grow grand up there!


Wisconsin produces some excellent whitetail, thats why its the second best to the U.P. I consider the U.P. as another state not as a part of Michigan.


Well the Wisconsin Gun deer season ended the Last weekend in November. On a side note I think it will go down as one of the worst seasons in a 10 years. I hunted hard and didnt see but the a** of one deer. I have been lucky in past years filling my take with in the first few hours of the first day.

Tyler (NC)

i wish i could see a buck like that! Great Deer


That is a beautiful buck. Saw one like that in southern NY over the weekend. Had one slightly smaller walk under my stand during archery season.

Great great deer.


Congratulations Heath! That is a dream whitetail. Just awesome!


With regards to Nathans post. I don't know where you hunt, but I also hunted a hard 9 days this year. At least you got to at least see the a** end of one. All the hours I sat in my stand and I saw NADA. Apparently that was the general consensus this year. Talked to my butcher up here in Northwest Wisconsin and he said that he was down 300 deer from last year at this time. Still got another month to bowhunt though.

The Man

saw a buck like that on thanksgiving here in western wisconsin. it was not very tall but was so wide and had so much mass 10 points and im guessing it scored 170 to180 and weighed 280 to 300 but i couldnt shoot because you have to shoot a doe first. called earn a buck. i hate it.

at least you get to see bucks like that, down here in Florida any you see is a nice deer

Big Jack

Saw a poll on the top whitetail counties in IL, IA and WS. Pike County Il was winning:

DNR Hater

OK guys, we have to get serious! As hunters we need to boycott the next two deer seasons. Think of the impact we can have. The DNR still wants the $$$$$ that deer hunting brings but they want to get rid of all the deer and as you saw this season, they are well on their way. If we stop hunting, no license revenue, no hunting supplies, taxidermists out of business, motels and lodges hurting, etc, etc. The DNR is the stupidest bunch of idiots I have ever seen. Deer Hunting in Wisconsin has seen its best days. It will only get worse from here!

t pain

i live in wisconsin and see deer like that but as soon as bow season starts, no deer to be found


I tend to agree with DNR hater. I too sat all weekend and saw nothing. In a place where hunting has been plentiful for a long time, things have slowed down the last two years. Action must be taken to beef up the herd and get CWD addressed.

don mitchell

I also agree with hates the DNR,here here in michigan,its run by anti hunting FEMALES,AND THAT SUCKS BIG time,they have no CLUE.


Andrew- You are telling me you haad one almost this size wlak under your stand and you did not shoot? Unless you are lying, could you please explain yourself?
I think in alot of areas there is deer and they are not moving. I see 4 bucks in the first three days and then nothing. My neighbor seen 14 bucks opening day. He only seen 3 bucks the second day and 3 the 3rd day. He finally got a shooter on Tuesday. We practice QDM. I heard there is a video floating around of a guy from the Bruce-Ladysmith area that set up a video camera for 6 months by a wolf den. In that time period that lone wolf brought back 46 fawns for her young. I have not seen it. Now take that times 500(don't know how many are estimated in WI) wolves. What is that going to do to your deer pop. I am just glad I hunt where there are very few wolves


I hunt in central Wisconsin, and while I have never in my life seen a buck of this size, between me, my dad, and my two brothers, we saw 75 deer opening day alone. Lots of does and small bucks with only one good buck sighting between all of us. We saw a lot of good bucks during bow season, but they weren't around when the lead started flying. I have heard a lot of people complain about not seeing deer, but that wasn't our experience.

Jeremy Whitlock

I live a rifle shot away from Iowa(NE Missour) and I wish our DNR would go to the earn a buck system. The out of state and city hunters come in, shoot a good buck, leave all the damn does and go back home. That is not QDM. I bowhunt from September thru January, I see quite a few deer 150 or less, but very few bigger. Then I see an out of stater come in on opening morning of rifle season and pop a 180-190 buck, go drinking with his buddys, then go back to Iowa or Illinois. I say they should at least have to shoot a doe to qualify for a buck tag, then maybe our genetics will stay up.

Trust me douche-bag, hunters are not driving from Iowa or Illinois to hunt dogs in Missouri. Your disgust should be with your own redneck bretheren.

Patrick Rankin

What a great deer. I live near eau claire in wisconsin, and my family has 6 people that hunt in a large group. we hunt two different woods and my dad got 1 doe throghout the whole year. me personnaly went out there a ton and didnt see a sinlge deer sitting on top of a corn pile every night and morning. the dnr say that the rut happened late early and deer season was the 2-3 weeks the deer lay down and rest. i got a spike on my first shot at a buck. lucky my neighbor got our trophy 11 point with a split G2 with about 12 inch tines.luckly on her first year hunting she bagged him the morning of October 26th. she saw a doe run up the trail followed up by the masive 11 pointer we have pictures on our trail camera and have the matching set of sheds from the year before. this truly was a shot of a lifetime at a big deer. my friend Adam Crotteau is related to this guy. Once again Congrats on a trophy whitetail deer.


Common knowledge-the definition is:When enough people feel or believe one way, chances are its true. EVERYONE I talk to feels there are few deer, many wolves, many bear. The DNR should not be able to hide behind their poor science. They double their bear population estimates overnight. Did the population double overnight? The next joke on us will be the wolf population numbers.Get ready, they're about to triple them. There are more places to hunt than Wisconsin.

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