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December 12, 2008

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BuckTracker: Way Up in the U.P.

For the last several years, Michigan has taken back seat to several of its Midwestern neighbors (Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, etal.) known for their big-buck reputations. This, despite the Wolverine State’s long and storied reputation as a whitetail hunter’s state; when I covered the Great Lakes region for F&S’s regional pages (remember those?) some of the most knowledgeable and passionate deer hunters I interviewed came from Michigan.


Well this buck—shot near the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) town of Newberry—should remind folks that Michigan can still produce a world-class whitetail. While the information I have is spotty, the buck was apparently green-scored by a B&C measurer at 197-3/8”, and sported 14 points, 27” main beams and a 24” inside spread. Apparently the buck was a “migrator” (UP bucks often leave their summer/fall home range and head toward wintering areas close to Lake Michigan) and was captured on trail camera three days before it was killed.

Should that green score hold up, this UP giant will rank among the state’s largest whitetails ever shot by a hunter. Even if it doesn’t, I feel this is one of the prettiest typical bucks I have seen this fall.


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Nice post! Its good to see some bruisers still exist in the UP. In the last few years, it seems as though UP numbers have been declining. Just so much more food in the lower penn and winters are a little easier. Regardless, what a sick buck, especially for the MI.

Donald Mitchell

one nice buck,its been a long time coming.

Don M.
lower Mi.

Walt Smith

SSSHHHHHH Gosh durn it now everyone will know about dem big bucks in da u p. thats where they made the song up about the thirty pointer don't ya know!


dat theyre is one yupper of a buck.nice score there AAAAAAAAAH.

Pete Conner

Very Nice ! Geezzz I got to move to where the big bucks roam


I told you.

as moeggs

Hey! This info is way off! That buck was shot down by Detroit...Macomb County somewhere. Honest! The UP only has wolves and the occasional Sasquatch.

darrell Plough

'bout time! May the UP return to it's former glory! We've just got to get rid of them damn wolves, and get some gentler Marches!
From the Kazoo Camp, Crystal Falls!

Walt Smith

Hey Darrell KUDO'S from the Cripple Haven camp, Iron River, Mi. It's nice to see somebody get one of the U.P. monsters that the rest of us only hear going clackity clackity clack through the the tag alders HUH!!


How do I get a picture posted on here. It shows our simple but productive way we hunt. It is fun and it gets the jog done.


I hunt out of an outhouse and get my deer every year. I also hunt out of a blind and get my deer every year. One year I took 5 out of that outhouse, its kind of a cute situation don't yuou think I have pictures of the outhouse and the blind all decked out in deer pictures and pleasantries to make our stay more comfortable


I just want people to know that some of the simple things in hunting and the fun we have doing it really makes it special, and taking a deer while having that fun makes it all the better.


I want poeple to see how I hunt, I want to show pictures of the outhouse we hunt out of that outlooks a great field and the blind we use for bow hunting we named the "Hilton" because we decked it out for comfort I don't know how to get the pictures out ther

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