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December 17, 2008

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BuckTracker: Today's Two-Fer

I usually devote this space to a single giant buck or unique story. But last night I attended one of my favorite annual Christmas parties, so I am feeling lordly with generosity and the spirit of the season. Today you get a double-bang…

The first buck is actually a call for help. The multi-drop-tined monster below is said to be very real, was shot in Kansas, and (again, supposedly) killed by a non-resident hunter. That’s all I know. The pic has been floating around for a few days, and though I usually can pick up a lead or two on a deer, this one remains a mystery. If anyone can tell me anything about this buck (other than that it is simply huge), I’d be grateful.


The second buck I know slightly more about. The hunter is actually a former student of mine, a reminder of the days when I taught high school English. I think I had Bobby Ernst as an apple-cheeked 8th grader. He is now considerably older, but is definitely better at killing monstrous whitetails than he was at 14…or I am now. If Bobby shot this buck near home, this whitetail lived only 50 miles or so from me. He may have killed it in another state, but my informant (also a former student) noted when he sent me this; “Bobby probably wouldn’t tell his grandma where this buck lived.”

I guess the young man was paying attention in class, after all! Congrats, Mr. Ernst!



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i'm also a hunter i hunt in the state of maine,was wondering how heavy this buck was,i shot a 12 pointer that weight 226lbs.
thank you. bobo


I have a few details of the first monster pictured. It was kill in Kansas, and it scored roughly 295. That deer jumped the fence of a friend of mine's property and was killed 100 yards away from him. There are rumors that Cabelas, Bass Pro and an outfit in Texas are wanting it bad. Of course my buddy who owns the ground has never seen this deer or has any pictures of it.

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on 1-st buck! I'm in disbelief and glad that someone has that kind of luck.When I see whitetail 365, I can't wait to see a monster rack!!!



boone and crockett dont even have any idea.


The first buck was killed near Baldwin City, KS...Douglas County, just south of Lawrence, KS. He is a local fella and this deer has yet to have been seen by anyone else on the property...Hmmm...I really hate rifle hunters...be a sport and pick up a bow...


And as I look closer at the photo of #1, it does had a Kansas Deer Carcass Tag on it...

Last November I was driving on Hwy 56 not far from Topeka. Saw a huge 9 point with a drop tine following 2 doe accross a bean field.


I hunted the property just to the north of where the Baldwin buck was shot during bow season. I had him at 30 yards on Nov 1st but he was behind some brush. Man, I saw the drop tines on the right side but had no idea he was that big. Unfortunately he was following a doe and she busted me in my tree. He never saw me but knew something was up. If she wouldn't have busted me, I would have put an arrow thru him or fallen out of the tree, whichever came first. That was the first time I saw him and hunted hard after that hoping to get another crack at him.




The attached link is from the local newpaper. The deer is very real, I've seen it first hand.


traditional larry

that top buck with the drop tines is a real monster. to bad he wasn't killed with a bow- and i don't mean a compound, but a bow.

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