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December 04, 2008

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BuckTracker: Pretty Piebald!

Every fall I look forward to what I call “surprise bucks”; not necessarily the biggest deer, but the most unique specimens. Today’s nominee is this gorgeous piebald buck. Not sure where this buck was taken (as always, lots of rumors, but you know how that goes) or who the lucky hunter was…but this is surely one of 08’s prettiest whitetails.


About 10 years ago, I hunted a farm that I knew hosted a piebald (partially albino) doe. She was an old and wise matriarch that threw several all-brown fawns over the course of her life. One December evening I was in a stand overlooking an apple orchard when that deer wandered in, cut my boot tracks, and trailed them to the base of my tree. She gave me multiple shooting opportunities which I decided to pass….for no other reason than I just didn’t feel like killing her. That deer lived for at least three more seasons and—to the best of my knowledge—was never taken by a hunter.

Anyone else have encounters with a piebald or been lucky enough to shoot one?


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Jerry A.

I've never personally seen a deer like that, but it sure would be interesting. I'd probably have to have it mounted, if nothing else for the conversation value.

Tom Cruise

See who would buy it,you get a replica rack. Talk to Cabela's or E-bay,make some money!


It's not about the rack! It's about the uniqueness of the animal and the experience of getting it. Selling it would only take away from the true meaning of such a magnificent animal and from hunting.


What an unusual and remarkable buck...he is beautiful...this season i happened to run across a pie-bald buck fawn in my hunting area...i look forward to seeing what kind of animal he turns out to be...that is if he makes it through the winter. A few years ago my brother took a pie-bald doe from this same area.


About 5 years ago I was fortunate to take a nice 9-point piebald buck in Va.. It didn't have as much white as the one pictured here but was a nice mature buck with a 20" spread. I found out during some research that 1 in 5,000 deer are a piebald and 1 in 10,000 become a mature buck. It also stated that pie-bald deer are genetically inferior deer.Inferior or not these deer are truly unique and trophies..

Adam Crotteau

Nice deer. I just want to say that I live in northern Wisconsin and my dad was lucky enough to get a nice pibald buck a couple of years ago. It was a lot like David's buck(one of the comments). It was a 9 pointer with about a 20" spread. We got a full-body mount and its at the local Cabela's-like store. Just wanted to say that and i guess my dad was pretty lucky to get a pibald.

Patrick Rankin

What a great deer you bagged. i have been hunting a trophy buck for about 1 year now. We had this trophy 11 point with a split G2 and with about 11-12 inch tines. and weird part about it was we found the matching sheds that year. October like 26th or so, some 40-50 year old woman on her first year hunting saw a doe run down the trial just few miles from my house and followed up by a trophy buck i had been hunting for years. she got a 12 yard shot at it, the deer only ran about 120 yards. if u want to see "my" trophy deer go to www.chronotype.com and click on fishing and hunting. once again congrats on the piebald buck. what an amazing experiance huh

Bill Husfelt

Congrats nice buck.I bowhunt in maryland and i have been watching a piebald buck grow up.Iwas going to try to harvest him this year but i think he was killed early on.He was a 10 point last year.Again way to go on your nice piebald buck.

Mitchell Dryer

That is an amazing buck!!!!! I am from Northern Wisconsin and I would love to see that.... I wonder what kind of hunting gear he used??? thats looks huge

I'd take any pie-bald without a second thought. Imagine how sweet that trench-coat would look!

Jim in Mo

That deer is beautiful. I wonder what a full body mount would cost?

Lisa T

That is a truly special buck.I know I would max out all my credit cards to have a full body mount.I've never seen a piebald deer,but I think I would pass on one unless it compared to this one.congrats to that lucky hunter.


We had a piebald doe around for quite a few years. She was solid white with a few dark spots like a Dalmation. The neighbors and I never shot her and she was around for 9 years. She had a few piebald fawns but none were as white as her


That piebald was shot in Palastine Texas. He's going to get a full body mount, going to costs about $3,000.

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