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December 19, 2008

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BuckTracker: Buck Meets Grim Reaper

OK, this certainly isn’t hunting…but it is a unique buck “harvest.” The whitetail in the pics below met his maker in the form of a Midwestern combine. I think the photos are from Iowa, but haven’t been able to verify that. The nice buck managed to somehow get tangled in the combine heads and was dragged for some distance before the machine could be shut down and the animal dispatched. Apparently one of the farm workers took the buck so the meat wouldn’t go to waste.


I’ve lived in the Midwest my entire life and have never heard of this before. It’s not unusual for fawns to get killed when farmers make first-crop hay in June, but this is perfectly understandable as the primary survival mechanism of these newborns is simply to lay still and hope danger passes them by. Mature bucks are notorious for holding tight to avoid danger, but they’re usually wise enough to know when it’s time to bail. Maybe there was something wrong with this buck’s hearing?

Note: In my last post I put up a photo of a huge Kansas buck of unknown origin. Fellow FS writer Steven Hill emailed me yesterday and said he’d talked to the hunter, who is Chad Christie. Chad shot the gigantic buck on December 5th, the 3rd day of the firearms season, on his family farm south of Lawrence. Chad says the buck scored “roughly 241 inches” and should rank among the top non-typs in that state. Congrats to Chad!


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Walt Smith

Live by the corn, Die by the corn.


Silly deer, If he was smart he woulda bit the combine back!!


Silly deer. It shoulda bit the [email protected]#$%^&%$# combine back.


I believe this buck was caught in a combine near the town of Wenona in Illinois. I know my cousin was called out to the scene by the local farmer to help remove it. I am sure this is the same deer.


Perhaps this buck was bedded with a Hot Doe. She didn't leave so he wasn't about to. Live for the tail, Die for it as well.

Matthew Leman

This was in a central Illinois cornfield. I know because I was the one operating the combine and the one holding the deer in the photo that was to graphic to show to most of the viewing public. It was not photo-shopped and I can prove it! I have a few other photos that are also too graphic for the general public.


actually this deer was killed in central kansas by a farmer who was combining and the deer was wounded and couldn't get up or out of the way of the machine, I know the farmer.

Bruce Way

A similar thing happened up here in Western Ontario, except a farmer had run over 14 different adult deer while combining. The Ontario MNR actually tested some of the animals to see what was wrong with them and they apparently got into and consumed a nearby Marijuana crop. I guess Deer will eat anything available.

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