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November 20, 2008

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Video Report: Arkansas Hunter Kills Locked-Horn Two-For

From KAIT8 News:

James "Jimbo" Lenderman joined a small group of people who can claim to have bagged two bucks with one shot.

That's because Monday, while working in his shop overlooking a farm in Craighead County, Jimbo noticed a large buck with another buck pinned down, but when he got closer, he noticed that the standing-buck wasn't pinning the other down; he was dragging the other around. . . .

Jimbo took down the surviving deer, giving him legal claim to both.

Be sure to check out the video gallery.


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I'm in school right now

Whether he had a tag for a deer or not, if he (or anyone for that matter) sees a deer locked onto another deer, they should be able to end it right there.



I personally don't think this should have been done. It's not really hunting, rather killing of a whitetail. The living buck should have been let go by cutting one of the bucks antlers off. This then gives the buck a fair chance against hunters, instead of basically being held and killed.

Jim in Mo

You'd have to tranquilize the deer before doing that, its to dangerous otherwise.

Casey Chitwood

If god was ever to bless anyone with this much luck they obviously deserve both bucks.

Steve Schneider

This happened to me four years ago. While bow hunting I came upon two 10 point bucks that were locked together. Both were alive and perilously locked together. It would have been too dangerous to try and seperate them and they both would have died eventually so I humanely put both of them out of thier misery. I felt neither delight nor sorrow in doing this but rather a sense of obligation to do the right thing. This happening to me again is not very probable. This is a part of nature that is rarely seen by humans and I feel fortunate to have experienced this. I have both racks mounted and displayed in my home.


in south dakota you wouldnt beable to keep the dead deer


I think he did the right thing and would have done the same thing myself. I bet that will make a great mount.


Great job Jimbo..what luck...there was no for you to seperate these two bucks without causing injury to yourself and quite possibly the surviving buck..I would like to see that bozo who wanted you to seperate them do it and see what happens...again awesome job!!!!


Good job Jim usually even if you seperate them the one that is alive is so stressed dies because he is so exhausted, as in the case of the 2 I seperated 3 years ago by knocking the dead deers antler off with a sledge hammer. good job!


Oh Believe Me, if I ever came across such a jaw dropping experience, I would do everything within my capabilities to free the animals. Even if it includes calling a few of my "bozo" friends for more man-power to do the job and fulfill my duty as a hunter, and not be considered as a killer! Its amazing how much man-power can accomplish. As for them surviving after being let go, at least they have the chance to live again and aren't executed!

Jet, even though this may not have been hunting in the strictest sense, there are other reasons to harvest animals responsibly. Sometimes it is better to just "kill" a critter instead of "hunt" it. This living buck surely would have died a slow and painful death of starvation and exhaustion had he continued to drag about the dead one. It was better for him to be put to use and be put down humanely and quickly rather than starve.

Jon BAllard

I have a friend who shot a buck in southern wisconsin and the bullent went right through and killed the doe behind it. I was his first deer. The DNR had to come out and tag the second deer. They let him keep it.

Drew Rea

i was hunting with a fellow during muzzleloader season last year, and he plinked two does with one shot. shot the first one through the neck and the second one in the lungs. first one dropped in its tracks, the second ran maybe a hundred yards. odnr made him use both of his tags...

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