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November 10, 2008

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The Hamster Buck: A Farm Chore Monster!

If you’re the type who agonizes over the best camo pattern and wouldn’t consider hunting unless you’d first taken a shower in no-scent soap, you might not appreciate this story. I happen to love it!

Illinois farmer Chuck Hamstra had spent the day combining corn. With the clock ticking on prime time, he grabbed his bow and—dressed in blue jeans, a flannel shirt and a sweat-stained chore cap—headed to his stand. Ten minutes later this giant non-typ walked by and Mr. Hamstra (known as “Hamster” to his friends) made a perfect shot. This buck had been spotted on the Hamstra farm last winter, and last spring they found one of his shed antlers. The 18-point buck is estimated to gross score in the 200” neighborhood!







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I'd be careful or your friends @ the camo and scent companies will quit sending you freebies....



That is awesome, I don't want to get any fired up but I don't use scent lock and really don't think it matters. Don't take it personally just my 2 cents.

Dr. Ralph

It's not a deer, it's a monster... the rack alone may outweigh the last deer I shot. Way to go Hamster!


I find diesel is great cover scent in farm country...

Greg Brush

hey, Scott, great story, but leave me outa-this! (referring to the agonizing over camo and two showers a day comments!) sure, its an ok buck, but personally i get so much more satisfaction out of spending thousands on the latest gizmos and gimmicks, obsessing over every last ridiculous detail, and ultimately shooting 135 gross bucks! (do you sense just touch of jealousy, like maybe a ton or two!? )

Jim in Mo

I like this deer better than the Wis. one. Bushman has a point whether he was serious or not. The man carried the same smell that deer has smelled for years so everything was natural to the deer.
Did you guys notice the body on that deer! Scott you gotta find out the weight.

Walt Smith

The old boys in the fifties and sixties used to always hunt in red/black plad and they always had good luck, maybe Chuck is on to something. Beautiful buck sir!! Enjoy him because they don't come often unless your willing to pay alot of money.


even though i am one of those people that use scent killer and take scent killer soap i also agree that sometimes if you smell like the enviroment that a deer has been smelling itswhole life, then dont worrie about spending your money on scent stuff. i am also a biggg fan of the perfest camo but whatever works for ya. he didnt use it and look at the hog he got! great job!

don mitchell

great buck Hamster,sir,that d*** thin must go 280 dressed. what a monster.congrats.


Congrats on an absolute Giant !! I have always said if you set your stand with the right wind I don't care if you bathed in perfume it doesn't matter. P.S. I would be glad to bring my dog down and find the other side of that giants shed's for you !!! Hamster you are the MAN !!


this is why i still go to the woods... the hope, albeit smalli may be humbled by such an animal


one of those " Ranch killed bucks" just kidding honest! what a brute!I would put him on the bedroom wall!!!


The buck would probably look better if it didn't have all of those drop tines and heavy massive points.


that has to be one of the coolest stories and best pictures that i have ever heard or seen!

April Krumenauer

I live on a farm, and find that wearing my average barn clothes while hunting works better than camo. The deer don't even know I'm in my stand.


Scent control is absolutely critical when bow hunting. I would have to say that this guy got pretty lucky. Controlling your human scent is not that big of a deal when hunting with a modern firearm that will reach out a few hundred yards, but sticking a huge buck like this with an arrow is a different situation altogether. I do think that people get too worked up with scent control and being all decked out with the right camo pattern. Obviously, none of that was needed for Chuck Hamstra.


Thats fantastic, about as blue collar as you can get. Hell of a story.


yall aught to know you dont need all that fancy shit all you need is you gun/bow and the ability to walk. no offense to our disabled friends i can understand yall using a stand or blind i just cant understand why ya would sit in one spot instead of covering more ground if your able that is.
honestly no offense bye


That is an awesome buck! Congrats to Mr. Hamstra, what a once in a lifetime buck!

Big D

I live in IL and i have only seen one deer that big and it was on a wall. what a deer.

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