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September 04, 2008

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Exclusive Video: Is This the Walking Record Whitetail?

Now with sharper, cleaner video ...

Can this Buffalo County, Wisconsin, behemoth challenge Milo Hansen’s world record typical buck that scored 213-5/8”? Several whitetail experts think it’s possible. Last week Scott Kirkpatrick, owner of Buffalo County Outfitters (715-533-0943) asked me and a small group of whitetail fanatics to view footage of a giant deer he’d filmed while driving between several of his hunting properties. After picking our collective jaws off the floor, we all agreed this tremendous, free-ranging whitetail certainly has a shot at toppling a record that has stood since 1993.

Among the viewers was Ted Marum, a former outfitter and whitetail fanatic. “Scott had told me the buck was ‘closer to 220” than it is 200,’ before I saw it,” Marum said. “But after I saw the video, 220 inches is selling him short. He’s way bigger than that.” Iowan Steve Snow, who has shot two bucks grossing over 200”, says the buck “will gross over 230” in its sleep.” After adding up the estimated tine-lengths, beam measurements and spread, we’ve arrived at a gross-score for this amazing buck around 240”. Interestingly, this buck was likely filmed by one of Scott’s former guides two summers ago, just across the road from this property. At that time, Kirkpatrick felt the buck would gross-score around 200” and was at least 4-1/2 years old.

Assuming someone actually kills the deer, will a buck that grosses around 240” be large enough to reign over the B&C book? Naturally, it will come down to deductions. Kirkpatrick filmed the buck at a distance of over 400 yards on the evening of August 16th at 8:00 p.m., near a property he leases. Even with a window-mount to steady his Canon camera, Kirkpatrick’s footage is just distant and grainy enough to make a detailed estimate difficult. But if our little group of deer freaks is even close with our guess, the buck is a contender. And regardless of net score, he’s certainly among the largest free-ranging bucks ever caught on tape.

For a more detailed discussion of this buck’s story, check out my deer column in the upcoming November issue of Field & Stream magazine.

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Jim in Mo

Donna, Sara,
I can't believe the ignorance and hate heaved at you. These poor eunuchs should be pityed and ignored.
Go away little boys I'll never talk to you, or maybe thats your problem, no one else will either.


Thanks Jim in Mo!!!!! I am over the shots that were taken at me. Didn't bother me a whole lot, I was surprised by them more than anything. Thank you!!!!!!!!!


I don't care what ya say , that's funny there


Me too Donna.

Did anyone get any deer that they want to talk about. I skinned and cleaned out two for my boys over the weekend. One son got his first, second son, this was his third, but neither one of them want anything to do with the rest of the process. I was very proud of them though.

Congratulations on your Button Bucks? Do you need some kind of recognition from us or something? I am glad that you got some meat so you can save your food stamps!

Hamster Buck

Do you dummies still believe in that over priced, over hyped Scent Lock Garbage. In my opinion it is a marketing scam that you people bought. All you need is some cheap camo and play the wind! Ask the farmer who harvested the Hamster Buck, which is far more impressive than the Buffalo County Buck.

big ben

Enough of the battles going on above, how about focusing on this great buck once again...just watch the video again and it'll take that "uptight edge" off. As for the Animal rights activist who decided that everyone who hunts is satin...walk in front of my treestand two weeks from saturday :)


My boys didn't shoot button bucks, they both took very impressive does. As for the scent lock, i have never used any of it and have always gotten my tags filled. You are right, cheap camo or blaze orange and you are set.

Purple Haze

The Buck has been shot.
Its all over the Eau-Clair pappers.

Since when are Does considered impressive? They are impressive if you can't shoot Bucks. The term, You can't eat the Horns was coined by a dummy that couldn't shoot Bucks and was trying to justify his shooting of Does!

Can't shoot a buck if that's not what walks in front of you.

Hay Purple Haze, thanks so much for telling us the buck has been shot. NO SHI* Sherlock! It was posted here the day it was shot, and there are many links to pics in the above posts. Thanks for the "breaking news". If you take a few less hits off of the water bong, you may find out about things like this when they actually occur.

It's meat in the freezer, and alot of it because of how "impressive" in size they were.

I don't have to justify shooting does, that is what the bonus tags are for.


Does need to be shot anyway. Herd control works wonders on crops and cars.


real nice deer


That is huge. There is a man in my hunting party who grew up and hunted right next to that county. He said that this dear was shot. But I never found out if it beat the record. If anyone knows could they please E-mail me...
[email protected] thanks.


I really cant believe this blog how it went from being about one big nice impressive deer to politics and racism. People like you are the ones that give the rest of us sportsman bad names. I really cant believe any of you "grown men" would be so childish as to post such ignorant racist sexist and hateful remarks. Oh and i really appreciate the comments from dumb blonde im from missouri and my father was a state trooper for 15 years. so [email protected]#$ off you ignorant sob. Congrats to
Bob for harvesting such a magnificent buck and to the father whos 2 sons shot does. It is nice to shoot a buck with big antlers but that isnt what hunting is all about and when the rest of u grow up and learn that the sport of hunting will be alot better.
Farewell you backwater hillbilly rednecks


It wasn't a father whose son's shot the does, it was a mother. And I was very proud of them. It's not always the size of the antlers that make for a great hunting adventure and good times. I think your comments are right on the mark!!!


Oops should have looked closer at the name but congrats again. good to see the entire family enjoying this sport.


i said it before and i will say it again the record books were made to glorify the animal not some hunters ego.And to me i still feel and hunt they way my granpap did for food. A big buck is nice but not the reason i hunt .i still get as excited at the chance to shoot any deer wheather it is a spikey or a 10 pointer or a doe.


I don't always post my name, Jake, because that tends to get me crucified on here. I enjoy hunting very much with my sons and am proud of them no matter what they take. If a nice 10 point walks out in front of one of us I see that as a bonus but not the reason I hunt., I get meat in the freezer and a great time spent with my kids.

Skin Head

Screw all of you politically correct idiots and women who wish they had balls. The bottom line is that people like yourselves are going to end Deer Hunting as we have always known it! I am surprised you aren't working on some way that we can hunt Deer and Practice Catch and Release. I think it is cruel Donna that you are shooting helpless does, What did they ever do to you?

Dumb Blonde

Hey Jake!

Why don't you meet me at Bass Pro Shop and I'll kick your butt like I did Marks! Bring the State Trooper with you.

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