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September 04, 2008

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Exclusive Video: Is This the Walking Record Whitetail?

Now with sharper, cleaner video ...

Can this Buffalo County, Wisconsin, behemoth challenge Milo Hansen’s world record typical buck that scored 213-5/8”? Several whitetail experts think it’s possible. Last week Scott Kirkpatrick, owner of Buffalo County Outfitters (715-533-0943) asked me and a small group of whitetail fanatics to view footage of a giant deer he’d filmed while driving between several of his hunting properties. After picking our collective jaws off the floor, we all agreed this tremendous, free-ranging whitetail certainly has a shot at toppling a record that has stood since 1993.

Among the viewers was Ted Marum, a former outfitter and whitetail fanatic. “Scott had told me the buck was ‘closer to 220” than it is 200,’ before I saw it,” Marum said. “But after I saw the video, 220 inches is selling him short. He’s way bigger than that.” Iowan Steve Snow, who has shot two bucks grossing over 200”, says the buck “will gross over 230” in its sleep.” After adding up the estimated tine-lengths, beam measurements and spread, we’ve arrived at a gross-score for this amazing buck around 240”. Interestingly, this buck was likely filmed by one of Scott’s former guides two summers ago, just across the road from this property. At that time, Kirkpatrick felt the buck would gross-score around 200” and was at least 4-1/2 years old.

Assuming someone actually kills the deer, will a buck that grosses around 240” be large enough to reign over the B&C book? Naturally, it will come down to deductions. Kirkpatrick filmed the buck at a distance of over 400 yards on the evening of August 16th at 8:00 p.m., near a property he leases. Even with a window-mount to steady his Canon camera, Kirkpatrick’s footage is just distant and grainy enough to make a detailed estimate difficult. But if our little group of deer freaks is even close with our guess, the buck is a contender. And regardless of net score, he’s certainly among the largest free-ranging bucks ever caught on tape.

For a more detailed discussion of this buck’s story, check out my deer column in the upcoming November issue of Field & Stream magazine.

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Mark Jones

I wouldn't know about women or Deer Camps. I have never experienced either. I can tell you that I am a damn good shot at Video Hunting though. I play it every Thursday at the Bass Pro Shop. Also leave Sara alone, she is a friend of mine! Just because she weighs 350 and has a hair lip doesn't give you the right to make fun of her. In actuality she is very helpful at her families deer camp. They don't need a four wheeler. She drags all of the deer out herself. They call her "Pack Mule"


Mark, David, Sarah, Renee, etc.,

I said I wouldn't come back on but I can't stand watching you all get destroyed on a daily basis. Don't you see that you have all assumed the roles of Professional Victims. You will never win with your thinking. Nobody owes any of you anything. And for the most part quit verbalizing your personal struggles. Nobody including myself really cares. We are Deer Hunters that are sick of this crap. Where did you people come from? I contacted Scott who has assured me that this will end soon. that goes for you too Dumb blonde!


I have turned your email addresses in to the proper authorities. Threats, vulgerness, and personal attacks will no longer be permitted on this site and will be acted on immediately! If your talk isn't about Deer Hunting, your access will be blocked. Future threatening behaviors will be prosecuted!

Sara Schmidt

that is funny. Most likely why you do not take yours. and sorry I am no friend of yours MORK DORK .Wait I take that back. Your the guy with one short arm that bales out boat after a rain shwer. I do remember you. You graduated with my sister. She said you were like 30ish


Thank god there are women on here with me and some men that are thrilled to have us in the woods. I am taking my boys out hunting in the morning. My boys and I do very well every year. They are very proud of their mom when she takes one, two or three down. They are good boys, now men, and will grow up treating all women with respect.

Dumb Blonde

Thank god you don't have any more dumb questions Donna.

Dumb Blonde

Yeah, there are women here with you.....Mark Jones, David, etc. Plenty of women that share the same pansy views you do.

Some of us that didn't buy the snake oil told you dummies...



You don't bother me in the least "dumb Blonde". I actually feel sorry for you. You sound very lonely. My boys, real men, are even laughing at you.



I wasn't joking im my earlier post. The FCC will be contacting you in the very near future to address your abuse of this site.


shut up you idiot, its called free speech


When you talk about taking one two or three down, are you talking about deer or johns?

Sara Schmidt

When I originally posted on this site I simply mention we used to hunt BC every year. And that it has changed so much through the years. And how crowded it is in that area now with hunters. I am sure it is good for the areas economy with the outfitters being there and all the out of area hunters being more numerious. I was attacked with rude comments from guys telling me where my place should be. Or the rude comments abour servicing men. We do not desreve to be talked to that way. My husband and my brothers have read this from start to finish. Not at all impressed with some of you. I am sure this site has an admin. Just have him delete some of these postings. I am sorry if I was rude back to some of the gross comments posted here after my short visit to this site.
But I still want to say good luck to all the gals in here. have a good safe hunt !!!!


Looks like it has been taken...Sorry fellas!

Hay thanks Brad! You are really on the ball. Thanks so much for the "breaking news". What would we ever do without you...


Went out hunting this morning, didn't see anything. We do have someone on our property hunting, with permission, and he took a beautiful ten point and a really nice doe. I am thrilled for him!!! Hope to see one like that come to my end of the land. Scott, do what you need to do.

Wow, great Donna. Please tell us the other inconsequential details and minutia of your life. Can't wait.

I was excited to see this buck this morning and wanted to share it. Nothing wrong with that.

Fair enough. I am sorry.


This site has really gone to Hell. Fags, Women and now people of color, non of which are Deer Hunters!

That was an intellegent thing to say. Your mother must be so proud.

you do not choose which type of person is a deer hunter, everyone has the right.


I think this blog needs to be set up where the name and email should be diplayed for everyone to see. That way if they want to argue they can do it in their emails to each other. Make it where you have to register into the site blog . Just my opinion.


I am a person who enjoys hunting, whether it's with men or women. Sara obviously really enjoys deer hunting. I've hunted many seasons with her. She has about 3000 acres she can use to hunt deer, some of it she owns. She already shot a deer during the 1st Wisconsin deer season. Congratulations Sara! My whole family hunted for years in Buffalo County on
Checky's farmland. It was not a good hunt as several city hunters from Chicago rented land to hunt on and obviously don't practice safe hunting. My brother and I were shot at because they would shoot at any noise they heard in the woods. That ended my hunting in Buffalo County. However, I have truly enjoyed good hunting in southern Wisconsin. I'm hoping our country continues to allow me and future generations the right to bare arms and experience the joy I have found in deer hunting.

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