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September 04, 2008

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Exclusive Video: Is This the Walking Record Whitetail?

Now with sharper, cleaner video ...

Can this Buffalo County, Wisconsin, behemoth challenge Milo Hansen’s world record typical buck that scored 213-5/8”? Several whitetail experts think it’s possible. Last week Scott Kirkpatrick, owner of Buffalo County Outfitters (715-533-0943) asked me and a small group of whitetail fanatics to view footage of a giant deer he’d filmed while driving between several of his hunting properties. After picking our collective jaws off the floor, we all agreed this tremendous, free-ranging whitetail certainly has a shot at toppling a record that has stood since 1993.

Among the viewers was Ted Marum, a former outfitter and whitetail fanatic. “Scott had told me the buck was ‘closer to 220” than it is 200,’ before I saw it,” Marum said. “But after I saw the video, 220 inches is selling him short. He’s way bigger than that.” Iowan Steve Snow, who has shot two bucks grossing over 200”, says the buck “will gross over 230” in its sleep.” After adding up the estimated tine-lengths, beam measurements and spread, we’ve arrived at a gross-score for this amazing buck around 240”. Interestingly, this buck was likely filmed by one of Scott’s former guides two summers ago, just across the road from this property. At that time, Kirkpatrick felt the buck would gross-score around 200” and was at least 4-1/2 years old.

Assuming someone actually kills the deer, will a buck that grosses around 240” be large enough to reign over the B&C book? Naturally, it will come down to deductions. Kirkpatrick filmed the buck at a distance of over 400 yards on the evening of August 16th at 8:00 p.m., near a property he leases. Even with a window-mount to steady his Canon camera, Kirkpatrick’s footage is just distant and grainy enough to make a detailed estimate difficult. But if our little group of deer freaks is even close with our guess, the buck is a contender. And regardless of net score, he’s certainly among the largest free-ranging bucks ever caught on tape.

For a more detailed discussion of this buck’s story, check out my deer column in the upcoming November issue of Field & Stream magazine.

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Well, with the way big deer racks are selling for huge money (if it is a new world record), someone stands to make a mint.

I don't think I would have posted ANY stories, photos or anything about this deer until it was down.

Big money (even just the potential for big money) can make people due stupid things......



My kingdom for an edit feature.

do not due. Sheesh......


Carel Two-Eagle

You're short on the size of this rack, fellas. I did calculations on frozen frames from several angles and I always came up "over 260 after deductions". I sure hope he's bred a big bunch of does! He isn't "one" for the Record Books - he's "the new Record for longer than we'll be alive". Wow! It's a pleasure to see the video, even with all the shaking. He's breath-taking.


Walmsley didnt the koberstein buck originally gross like 235? Originally before they rescored it at the panel. I agree i think this guy will have more problems than kobersteins deer did. Mr Walmsley if they get him lets run up and put tape on him :)


Hey, the video looks clearer now--and this thing looks even bigger to me. What a bohemoth!


Archery season up here opens Sept.13. Whats really bad is that Buffalo county is an "earn a buck"zone,where you have to take an antlerless deer before you can shoot a buck. Imagine having to pass on that deer opening morning because you hadn't killed a doe yet?? It is a shame that it probably go to the highest bidder,hopefully some idiot won't go poach it at night or something,it's amazing what some people will do for a big rack.

Scott and his head guide Tim are crooks. I wouldnt be surprised if this deer is not even on one of his leases. I would not hunt with BCO if they would guarantee me this deer. Save your money and hunt somewhere else!

Tim Walmsley

Lefty, yes, that deer and many many more start out as possible world records- Zaft, and so on- But, when they actually get officialy measured by the panel, they come down considerably- It will take a CLEAN Typical buck to beat Milo or Mel- This one isn't it- It will be measured as a N/T if it's killed I believe-Lefty, we'll make that run!

hey dumbass, read the article b4 u comment. It never said it was on his lease, but said he was driving between several of his leases. Scott and tim aren't crooks, u are just probably one who cries if ur not covered up with 160 inch deer all day

You are right it did not say that this deer is on one of his leases. The guy is obviously using this animal to bring attention to his business, though. Otherwise it wouldnt have BCO and his name stamped all over it.
Glad you had a good time there. As far as dumbasses, you are so stupid you are getting put in overhunted stands, while a crook hunts where he knows the best bucks stay.

well ive hunted there a few times and have not harvested a deer everytime but have had many great encounters and had a blast at camp. yes its good advertisement but at the same time why cant you just enjoy looking at a giant deer. its just showing what caliber of deer are in the area. cant please everybody. looking forward to the next trip there.

JG - Farmington, MN

Viewers enjoy...This buck has got it all!!!!

Thanks be to Scott and F&S for sharing this video with the deer hunting nation.

The BCO staff are straight up good guys who offer no promises when hunting with them.

For those of you with the childish comments...remember this is only a deer.

And for Matt & Scott...the dogs name is BUCK!!!!


He aint dead yet! Holy $%^& what a buck! Wet my self just watchin the video.


Joel is right. The video quality looks much better than it did before. The buck's right G3 does look a little funky. But other than that he seems fairly clean. Hard to say for sure how he'd score, but easy to say for sure that he's the biggest buck I've ever seen on film.


I guess what boggles my mind about this blog is why some feel the need to discredit or attack the posters of this truly amazing video of one monster buck. Let the "Point counters" score him, should he be taken, and just enjoy this spectacular buck! Personally all I could think was "Holy Sh#$!!!" I'll never see a buck anywhere near this caliber, but it's nice to know that they are still some out there like this. I wonder if he's the dominant buck?

Terrance Mahoney

That's it.
Selling everything and moving back to Wisconsin.

You guys are all idiots!
BCO is a rip off and this buck probably isnt on the land where they say it is!
The buck is a beauty ill give them that but,,
how big and old is it? exactly he is still walking tall!! He is too smart...

I have a same amount of chance as they do I hunt a mile or so where they CLAIM they saw it...

but good luck!


I have hunted white tails for years(I'm 67)and if I saw this beauty in the woods,I don't think I could/would shoot it.Way to majestic.One should only use a camera on such beauty.

Jeff Smith

Only a bunch of gun loving, animal hating right wing freaks would take a look at potentially the biggest member of an existing species and want to kill it. May you blast each other in the progress of trying to take this animal down. With you dirtbags dead and gone your kids have a better chance at a normal life.


It's only every hunters dream to catch the 30 point buck lol For my buddy Jeff Smith, My family are a bunch of gun loving freaks and I turned out just fine. I play college volleyball and I'm going to school to be a doctor. Wait! I'm not normal your right because I think I have more balls than you do lol

jeffrey surprise

good job scott you got one mybe thair is more like that one or two so keep that one happy to it is time to shoot him you did good scott


Incredible. As if Buffalo County was not a zoo already. People will literally move out there now (as they did in Albia) to hunt this buck.

Regarding the outfitters, ALL of them save their best leases and biggest bucks for themselves. The paying client is, in effect, subsidizing the trophy hunting of the outfitter (and his guides). That is just the cold, hard, reality that you must accept if you are going to pay an outfitter for a hunt. You will not be placed on his best property with his biggest bucks. Of course, they will not tell you that, even if you ask. But, just look at the monster Bill Remington shot a few years back http://www.remingtonoutfitters.com/guide_land.htm Ever see a pic of any of his paying clients with a buck of that caliber? It's no coincidence. Same goes for Dave Fredrickson and the other outfitters in BC. They all do it. Disengenuous? Self-Serving? Maybe, but not a "crook". You are paying them for a quality hunt on trophy lands, and that is what you are getting.

Now, this buck clearly was NOT filmed on one of Scott Kirkpatrick's leases, otherwise we wouldn't be seeing this video. He would have done his best to keep it secret, and hunt it for himself. Common sense tells us that. And I am not being critical here. I likely would have done the same. Obviously, he is promoting his business, nothing wrong with that.

Anyone know exactly where this was filmed in BC? Some of you have said you hunt a mile away. I have not read anywhere the location within BC where it was filmed. Thanks for any replies.

again john, it never said it was on his lease, only said it was close.


Yes, I know. I was just referring to those posting above that think it WAS filmed on Kirkpatrick's leased land. Anyways, where in BC? It's been kept a secret from me until now.....

Tony Holinka

WOW! Now wonder bucks get so big in Buffalo County. I've Hunted there its soooooo thick with briars and fallen trees deer are hard to hunt, and even harder to shoot. Besides I don't know if I could hold it together to knock him down.

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