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August 22, 2008

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How Big is Your Tree Stand?

Every type of tree stand has its place. Postage-stamp assault stands for that long hike to a remote place. Climbers for those nice, straight trees.  Heavy-duty hang-ons for a spot I know I’ll sit all day. And I’m growing increasingly fond of ladders, which surprises me. Thought they were too heavy, bulky and obtrusive for my tastes. But I started monkeying with them and there’s nothing safer—once you get them up—and the best ones don’t bother deer.

I’ve had the same prejudices against the widely-popular “shooting house” for the same reasons I disliked the ladders. But of course, I have to confess my bias is rooted in ignorance. I’ve rarely hunted from one. And also (of course) several of my deer buddies have proven me dead-nuts wrong about their effectiveness. So in the spirit of experimentation I suppose I’ll have to build one some day.

My efforts, however, will not reach the heights achieved by the men who built (erected?) the monstrosity found here. I stand in awe not only of the achievement, but of the man who even thought it up. So how ‘bout you? Ever hunted from something this unique? Have a deer stand that can rival it for sheer audacity? By all means, let me know!


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That. is. AWESOME!

John D

Nothing even close. I do, however, hunt at monstrous heights. Not only do I never get busted by deer, I also don't have to worry about anyone with a healthy love of life wanting to "borrow" an evening sit.

don mitchell

make my little 6x6 green with envy



Permanent stands are quite common in my area(central NC). Our stand sits on four, cut light-poles about 8ft. off the ground. It can comfortably seat 2 people and uncomfortably seat 3.


What, no pic of the camo paint job? They did paint it right?

Dr. Ralph

My father in law hunts out of the hay loft in his barn... closed off one end and got a heater, bed, refrigerater, T.V. and overlooks a nice 5 acre garden the deer love to destroy. Plus when he has a fight with the wife it's a great place to just hang out. Kind of ruins the whole experience if you ask me, or maybe I'm just pi$$ed because he never lets anyone hunt there except himself.


i saw the trailer one on duck hunting chat


You wouldn't catch me dead in that thing during a storm. That is redneck building in all it's glory.

Jim in Mo.

Nice if you hate the outdoors.


yeah it kinda ruins the whole expirience of being in the outdoors but you gotta admit its kinda funny that they spent the time and hard labor to be so good at being lazy lol

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