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July 11, 2008

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Poacher’s Defense: “I’m Addicted To Killing Big Deer”

No surprise, the judge wasn’t buying it. From the Zanesville Times-Recorder:
Jonathan Martin, 43, of Greenfield, [Ohio,] was convicted of eight misdemeanor counts related to the illegal harvesting of white-tailed deer and wild turkey. He was sentenced to 180 days in jail, with the time suspended, pending additional wildlife violations. He was also ordered to serve 60 hours of community service. His hunting privileges were revoked for a total of 20 years and he was ordered to pay more than $2,500 in fines, court costs and restitution. In addition, he was ordered to forfeit a high-powered rifle, archery equipment, photographs and deer parts to the state. . . .

At this week's sentencing, Martin told Judge David McKenna of Hillsboro Municipal Court: "I can't help myself; I'm addicted to killing big deer."

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Why suspend the 180 days? This guy is a dope head and a poacher.

Maybe some time in jail would have allowed him to clear his head and figure out why he's being such a jackass.


Tom Sorenson

Wow - does that excuse EVER win? If so, that's just flat ridiculous. I can't help it...sheesh, give me a break. Guy needs to grow up - and why revoke his hunting priveleges for 20 years? Might as well make it for life - it isn't like this was a one time show - he has EIGHT misdemeanor counts.



what good is it to revoke his hunting privlage? its not like he was concerned about the law the first 8 times


Well what do you want them to do kill him, they did more than the law allows for game violations, maybe you guys want him beheaded huh! I believe if he is left out there he is always going to do it, he isn't concerned with the law, he's a poacher...he got caught once, but he's done it mega times, he won't quit so live with it there are plenty like him all around you!!!!!


Live with it? Thats whats wrong with people today! We have murder,meth,rapest,drug dealers and yes poachers. Somethings are worst than others and most of them wont stop so we just live with it.The problem is the law (it allows everything) and people that just live with it.

Blue Ox

How 'bout if we start poaching the drug dealers?
Just a thought...


to go 20 years without hunting would be unbearable. that is punishment enough and comparably harsher than the sentences we give to murderers who serve 4 or 5 years and then get out on paroll


Are you are saying you would equate 5 years in a prison (even a couple with parole) missing your family, not being able to provide for them, and all the things that go on in prison to losing a the ability to hunt... I'm sorry, but I cannot relate to that. Both are bad things, but in reality the poacher in this story going to get up in the morning and go to work and sleep in his own bed. (I hope he has a job - he may be a bum.. I don't know)


Can we all sayyyyy.."LOSERRRrrrr" and I'm with you on that one remmy,lol....why punish him at all..its not like he gives a ratz atz about the law anyhow,he will continue to do this until one of those big deer turn it around on him:-)


Blue Ox,
I really like your thinking!
My defense- I'm addicted to helping out the community!



He my be addicted to killing big deer but his addiction just ended. Most states now have reciprocal agreements and this guy won't hunt anywhere. The local sportsmen groups, clubs, should post his picture on their bulletin boards. He has been thrown out of our sport. Let him take up bowling. Heck he'll probably steal bowling trophies to display.


I just imagined opening a special withdrawal program for him and then realized that the punishment would help him in it LOL. 20 years without hunting is punishment enough if we assume that poachers really care about lisences


I'm sorry, your Honor, I'm addicted to kicking ass on poachers.


Doc you would probably get your ass kicked.

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