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March 13, 2008

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Texas Kids Back To School After Deer Beatings

From an AP story in the Houston Chronicle:

Four Iraan High School students accused of beating two deer to death on the school's baseball field have been cleared to return to campus.

The boys spent 46 days in the school district's alternative disciplinary program, about half the 88 days they were given after the deer were found dead in December.


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I'm in school right now

what a bunch of idiots. What would give them even the IDEA of beating a deer to death? I would've given them ALL of the punishment.



Morons! Should have revoked their hunting privileges for a year so they can grow up! Let them pick up the road kill deer for the next year!


I really hate people like that. Don't they have a soul. I couldn't even imagine doing that. They should pick up road kill for the next 2 years.



Sometimes the exhuberance of youth gets in the way of common sense!
That does not excuse their actions. But, do not hold them to higher ridicule than the crime demands! They made mistakes. Youthful mistakes! But it shouldn't turn them into lifelong criminals bent on violence!
Punish them? Yes! But punish them accordingly and fairly!



Well..any Psychologist would say...if a child is cruel to its own pets"BEWARE",The maltreatment of animals, usually pets, may occur in homes where there is domestic violence.... (http://www.vachss.com/guest_dispatches/ascione_1.html)These were teenagers and hopefully they will recieve some form of counseling!These 2 site's also have some GREAT info:
1.( http://www.pet-abuse.com/pages/abuse_connection.php ) 2.(http://www.hsus.org/hsus_field/first_strike_the_connection_between_animal_cruelty_and_human_violence/children_and_animal_cruelty_what_parents_should_know.html )

Blue Ox

Forget all about picking up the roadkill. Give that job to someone who needs it.
What these little punk deserve is a good dose of their own medicine.
I say take 'em out to the same field and tie their hands & feet to the fence. Then pull their drawers down and proceed to light them buttcheeks up with a 4-foot length of barbwire. With the entire school watching.
And then have a couple cheerleaders pour an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol on there. (we sure don't want an infection, now do we?)
That, in my (sick&twisted) mind, is justice.



ANY psychologist "would say" if a child is cruel to it's own pets "beware". That many more counseling sessions means more money in their pockets! But you connect it to homes where there is already domestic violence! Fight domestic violence and the pet abuse will disappear in all but a few "special" cases. Too think that there are not people out there who are just stupidly cruel to "anything" around them
would be inane! Just don't lump "all" kids into one category!



I did not state ALL kids treat animals in such a way but these kids sure have a "warped" sense of being human:-D If they were my own kids,I don't really know what I would do,make them volunteer at the Humane Shelter for 2 years would be good:-)

Jon R

I'm from Texas and I am ashame of these West Texas jerks. I hope the school didn't cut the punishment in half because of something as trival as say, maybe the four were either baseball athletes or spring training football athletes. I think a full semester in alternative school plus community service should have been given!



The two oldest were fined $500 for illegal means of taking, $300 dollars for taking deer out of season and placed on 5 months defered adjudication!
That was the court sentence!
On top of that, the school placed them in an alternative education situation for 44 days and sent them to some sort of counseling!
How many more ways can you punish them!? It's almost like double jeopardy. The state of Texas fined them $800 dollars, THEN, the school throws them into an "alternative" situation for their actions! Two penalties for one crime?
I'm with John Stossel on this one, "Gimme a break!".

P.S. It still doesn't excuse what they did, but don't do the same thing to them!

John D

Well heck. Sounds like great sport to me. Pre-tenderized venison too.


What tha' heck is wrong with some of you guys?? I'm an avid hunter and angler...have been all my life, so am not some PETA nut. But for anyone to get their jollies off beating an animal to death...deer, cat, dog or whatever...something's BAD wrong with them. Why else would they do it unless they found it amusing?? They've got some screws loose and they deserve to get their asses beaten off. Blue Ox's idea sounded pretty good to me!

Would you want someone beating you to death for the fun of it?


Everybody seems to have the wrong idea.
Bludgeoning deer to death is not to be considered "the other sport" by any means! I DO NOT, by any means, think they should go unpunished, but how many "agencies" do we want punishing anyone for a single crime!?
First off, I'm not so sure these kids are mentally imbalanced! It's one of those old "one thing led to another" and before you knew it, it was out of hand and too late! (That's called mob mentality and sane people do weird stuff!)
Second, the state courts had already punished them with fines and probation of a sort. THEN, the school extends it's sordid hand of justice and imposes it's own brand of "justice"! Hopefully, as responsible parents, they faced a "third" brand of justice at home!
Basically, they were tried and sentenced by "three" courts.
Don't draw and quarter two kids for a moment of bad judgment!
If they truly are that "sick", well, just counceling ain't gonna do it!


bill heavey

these kids did a bad thing, a sickening thing. it's tempting to punish them, humiliate them, make them pay. someone on here thinks it would be a good idea to flay them with barbed wire. i say that if the answer to cruelty is more cruelty, we're all going down together.

i say the answer is a kind of tough and engaged love. most of us have the capacity, and have felt the unconscious child's impulse, to kill a fly, a bird, a frog, a fish - for no good reason. most of us did it once or not at all. someone over the age of 12 who does it - unless he or she has been abused to the point of not knowing right from wrong- needs both compassion and a firm hand.

this is what comes of neglecting children. maybe we should be pointing the finger at ourselves.


"this is what comes of neglecting children. maybe we should be pointing the finger at ourselves."

Bad parenting is a plague as of late to be sure. But Bill, I have to ask - at what point then do we hold our kids responsible for their own actions? I was always told "You follow the rules, or you don't play!"

Your are correct when you say "needs both compassion and a firm hand." As the father to two wonderful girls I remind my self daily of this. Sometimes it is tough to balance it all out.

I know if I had done something like that when I was their age, my hunting would have been stopped completely for the next year and that would be fitting punishment, not from the state but from the parents. Just my $0.02


Hey Midnight Banjo

bill heavey has a point. If you expect the worst from a child, that's exactly what you're going to get. If you want them to be responsible, give them responsibility. I've already raised two girls. One of them is local law enforcement, the other is federal law enforcement!
Their success had nothing to with MY parenting skills, to say the least! BUT, (there's that but [butt!?] again!) I allowed them to make mistakes, they had to learn to live up to their mistakes, correct their mistakes and not make those mistakes again! Without responsibility, you can't learn responsibility! If kids are constantly told they are "bad", then, (duh!) they're going to be "bad"! I've seen that happen too!
Nobody's saying these kids shouldn't be punished, but at what point do you "stop" punishing them?
Do you want them beaten down and told they are "sick sociopaths" that will never fit into society and are violent beyond redemption!? THEN, allow the school to punish them AGAIN?!
Or fine them for their offenses, give them the adjudication subscribed by the state, which tells them they made a bad choice! Remember, they are sub-adults, not sub-humans!


Marv Lewis

Have these boys been tested for Steroids? Their behavior seems to indicate it. I know because I live with someone on steroids.

John D

Steroids do aid the metabolism of protein. Which means when you're on them, you probably crave more protein. Which seems like the perfect justification for beating some protein to death. Brilliant! Roid rage is a myth.


Must be Rodger Clemens kid.

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