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March 12, 2008

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BuckTracker: Going to the Dogs

My shed hunting buddies and I have had a long-standing joke that one of us would one day train a dog to find antlers. This thought might have also occurred to you if you’ve lived the twin curses of 1) being an antler addict and 2) having ever hunted over a bird dog or retriever.

The concept of a shed dog is near and dear to my heart whenever I’ve had an unsuccessful trip (which happened today) and especially when I’m accompanied by my doofus golden retriever (which is always). Though I love dogs on principle, I also believe they should earn their supper, and Colby has never done anything to pull his considerable weight while shed hunting. I have even rigged ingenious little collars that would allow him to tote a medicinal keg of Gatorade for me, but he refuses. And retrieve a shed? Maybe if I find it first and slather it with bacon grease….

Perhaps I should turn my freeloading golden over to Roger Sigler, an astute dog trainer and master of the shed, at his facility in northwest Missouri. Mr. Sigler has perfected the art of training shed-hunting dogs, and you can even purchase “started dogs” from him that will find and retrieve cast antlers. I found Roger by reading a magazine article that detailed a 3-1/2 day trip he and his dogs took to Canada last year, a safari that yielded for over 100 antlers. Check out his website for more info.

While Roger admits that Labradors make the best horn-dogs, he is getting so good at his craft that he’s even tutoring a young pit bull. No word on whether that pup actually gives up the bone he’s found, and I’ll probably wait to send Colby there for training ‘til I know the PB has graduated. In the meantime, guess I’ll rely on binocs and boot leather.


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Scott Bestul

Gotta hand it to ya, Bubba..that one was worth the wait! Will be told around my campfires for years to come!


Ive wished many times that my lab could sniff out sheds.. and btw pitbulls arent mean dogs, it retarded people like Vick that make em that way


Right on Km right on.



No problem Scott,
have had lots of fun with that one!
Am I real? No, just a figment of your imagination. I'm the one that floats about your conscienciousness, fearfully telling you that it really is happening, happily letting you know that it really is NOT happening!



Have I got the dog for this! He's a Black Mouth Ker(Cur). Just a great dog all around, very good nose, and very athletic. Can't wait to get him out in the field!


Met an older gentleman once at the Keechi Creek WMA near Buffalo, Texas once at a public squirrel hunt! He was the only one of about fifty that limited out! Why? He was hunting with a Black Mouth Cur! She hunted very slowly, very quietly, and barked treed just loud enough for the hunter to hear! Absolutely wonderful dog!



Bubba - you can see him when he was a pup here:


Notice in the picture all the green grass? That was in early November!

That's my web site - drop me a line and let me know you were there. There's also a picture of the first buck I've taken with black powder. Long story short, the underbrush was so tall/thick I thought he was a doe until he was already down. Never would raise his head and all I saw was DEER! DEER! DEER! DEER! BANG! Great buck for eating!


Nice looking animal Midnight.
Unfortunately, that's all my computer displayed!



Finally, my lab sniffed out and found a nice shed just today. Only one of them was there, but it had 4 points, a split 6 inch brow tine, and a small drop tine. Then after supper, i went out with her and I spotted a shed, and it was the match to the first one, except it had a single brow tine, and just a bump for the drop tine.


I have a 4 month old lab that I would love to train to horn hunt, but do not know were to start, any suggestions?


what is a set of sheds off a 170 buck worth?

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