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February 28, 2008

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Winter Weather Taking Toll on Whitetail Deer

Deep snow and ice are causing serious problems for deer in a number of northern states, where some whitetails are facing their toughest winter in many years. As herds descend on remaining ag crops and fruit trees, landowners are looking for help from state agencies. Meanwhile, state agencies are asking pet owner to prevent dogs from running already run-down deer. Here’s the latest in:
Minnesota and Wisconsin

Wisconsin Pulls Back In War On CWD
Minnesota To Revamp Deer Regs


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It's a tough situation. You can understand the farmers concerns. But you hate to see the deer suffer through such a tough winter season.

EZ Limit in Alaska

The winter-kill issue is a tough one all the way around, but my comment is more towards the link of "Minn to revamp regs." Read the article and cant believe the trivial details they are going to address...How about Minn.DNR pushing the general rifle season back a bit so it doesnt coincide with peak of the rut when mature bucks are most vulnerable. yes, this would be hugely unpopular AT FIRST, until hunters started seeing a lot more big racked 4.5 and 5.5 year old bucks! Seems Minn has the genetics, habitat and food-JUST LIKE IOWA-but they dont have the age class composition of their neighboring trophy states due to peak runt hunting with long range weapons!

Dick Mcplenty

So fence the hay stacks. We've gotten so many mild winters,that farmers and ranchers have forgotten about out wildlife.

As for apple trees and gardens. Fence your garden areas and who cares if the deer eat low hanging branches. The same people crying about trees being eaten,are the same ones that b!tch about picking up all the apples in the fall.


I'm sorry guys.
Just go out and let Bambi know that Global Warming is kicking in and to get ready for the "Big Thaw"!


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