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February 01, 2008

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Dave Hurteau's Whitetail News Roundup

Michigan Authorities Seize 24-Point Rack, Charge Hunter
From the Jackson Citizen Patriot:
Game authorities have seized a record-book deer rack and filed poaching charges against a Horton man. . . .

Christopher James said he shot the buck in a Spring Arbor Township swamp at dusk on Oct. 24, tracked a blood trail part of the night and returned to find the carcass the next morning.

Doubting his claim, conservation officers said they searched the DNR license database to discover James did not buy a deer license until the morning after he shot the buck. . . .

"He lost the buck of a lifetime for the lack of a $15 license," [a DNR officer] said.

Coors Donates Grain to Aid Colorado Deer
From the CSR Wire:
Coors Brewing Company announced today its plans to donate more than 100,000 pounds of spent grain to the Colorado Division of Wildlife in an effort to help feed hundreds of deer that have had a difficult time finding natural forage due to the recent snows in the Gunnison Valley.

More Headlines:
Whitetail Doe Trashes Living Room in Indiana
New Jersey Town Opens Fire On Overabundant Deer


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Thats ashame! To loose a buck of a lifetime over a $15 dollar hunting license. I'll bet he has one the next time he goes hunting!

alberta hunter

This has got to be sad and embarrassing for Mr. James. Here in Alberta there are many different Whitetail tags you can buy and more then once we found hunters in our group who did not have tags for our specific area. Sometimes this was only realized when tagging an animal. I have always been in favor of a "mulligan", for an honest admitted mistake and not be treated as harshly as a career poacher. mistakes happen. no one would have cared if it was a forkhorn but murphy always shows up when trophies are involved. Give Mr. James credit for fessing up and being a man about it.

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where is there a 15 dollar hunting tag our migratory bird stamp is more then that,here every time ya turn around they raise the lisence thats why all the out of staters quit comming

Dr. Ralph

Fifteen dollars? My resident hunting and fishing is $28 resident big game archery $28 resident big game muzzle loader $28 resident big game gun $28 non-quota permit (to shoot does) $21... or buy a sportsmans license for $136 and do it all. Tennessee screwed up royally by coming out with lifetime licenses for babies for about $200- and adults $1600- Everyone bought them for the little kids and now their revenue is drying up so I pay through the nose.

Ah well, I can afford it and it's for a good cause I have no respect for someone who would hunt without a license. I've been to Gunnison, Colorado and appreciate all the Coors family is doing out there. Drink more Coors!

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