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February 19, 2008

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BuckTracker: Mississippi Freak


This photo sailed into my inbox a few weeks back and I've been unable to trace its origin. According to the message, the monster whitetail was shot in Mississippi, and it is a buck to behold. Check out the third beam on the left side of the rack, and all those abnormal points...enough to keep a scorer on his toes!

Also, if the dates on the trail cam and harvest pics are legit, the hunter snapped this buck's photo about a week before putting his tag on him in mid-December. This is a feat I have yet to pull off...but I admire the heck out of anyone who has.


If anyone out there knows a more complete story about this deer, please write in and let us know. Its a wonderful whitetail and I'd love to hear more about it!


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Scott K

I've emailed the link to a number of my MS clients. If I get a lead, I'll let you know!

Scott B

Good deal, Scott, and thanks. Any luck with the sheds? Every time I want to go out, it snows again!


That is a nice buck! I wonder what makes a buck have a dual main beam like that? Is it genetics? Any way awesome buck!


Killed a smallish buck 3 years ago that had two horn burrs at the base of the right antler. Once I found that, I wished I had let him go! Oh, well!



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John D

Looks like someone is lost. This is a board about hunting whitetails, not political agenda.


is "poetryman" sayin that those antlers were caused by a nuclear disaster?


i would like to hear story too , very big deer, wish was under my belt. im from CT

scott bestul

Poetryman is CLEARLY lost. Sure, France can build a nuke plant, but can they grow a whitetail like the Mississippi Freak? I think not!

Scott K

Still too much snow here as well for finding sheds. Going to southern Iowa next weekend to try my luck!


Was this buck shot in southern iowa? Just wondering because my family owns about 60 acres of land down there and we've seen some pretty big bucks.

Matty Boy 2000

That is one F*****' sweet DEER. I would like to have that as a trophy on my wall.

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