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February 29, 2008

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BuckTracker: Concrete Kills

It is the last day of February in a long, hard winter here in the Midwest. Spring is supposedly coming soon. Still, the need for entertaining story-telling is critical for us light-deprived northern folk. So what better a tale to brighten the day than this one, which involves a kid, a giant buck, and a concrete statue.

Deer1 According to legend, the kid is returning from a morning bowhunt on his grandfather's farm. He spots a monster buck, sparring with a deer statue in the yard. He shoots at the preoccupied buck, hitting it in the leg. The buck runs off, stops, and reconsiders his pain. Perhaps the statue got him, and not something else? The buck lowers his head, makes a full run at his rock-hard rival, and slams into it. The buck is cold-cocked by the statue, which falls over on him. Boy reloads bow and finishes off buck...which has a gross antler score over 200 inches.

If you want to spoil my day, please respond and tell me the verifiable origins of these photos. If all you have is hearsay or cheap criticism, keep a lid on it. This is a hunting tale as good as it gets...in a winter as long as they come!


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as moeggs

This is no bull. It actually happened to petzal. Seems he was using the statue as a sort of decoy since he left his actual decoy at home. Somewhat emabarrased by the way he missed the first time, he told of how this occurred to a young hunter.


Wow! I think this a true story. It's just hard to believe.

Jon R

The whole story sounds like something that Heavey would think up!


Guess I just gotta keep my mouth shut!



once seen a gobbler mounted up on a (canadian goose)yard ornament in king george va. true story no kidding.


C'mon Scott

No hearsay or cheap criticism!?

You just cut out about 2/3's of us who normally respond!

But then again, I don't suppose it's ever stopped us in the past!

"A hard hearted woman is a real killer!"


Blue Ox

I wish I coulda seen that.


that fall i was working midnight shift and seen a monster buck horning a light pole next to a driveway...never thought no more about it couple of days later noticed it was folded to the ground.stopped and ask home owner if someone hit it(baked over it)he said he hadnt owned a car in 20 years.go figure.


sorry 4 the spelling meant (backed over)


Seen this 2 or 3 other places. Wish we could get the whole story and more pics. Hell Ive seen stranger things!


well lets hear em.lotta strange things going on in the world....

It seems like this blog is the last one to report a lot of these stories, including this one. This has been going around for a long time.

John D

I actually heard the buck bled to death internally from blunt trauma to his hoo-ha. The arrow was Photoshop.

Blue Ox

Trauma to the hoo-ha! LOL!

Chris H.

Imagine how long winter would have been if not for GLOBAL WARMING!!


damn hoo ha hoo ha WOW

J Pike

looks like it has been field dressed already then they set the statue on it

What states have seasons that go to the end of feb.

never mind i see the story was on the last day of feb. still if you look at it it looks like it is already field dressed


Crack kills to!






NH Philosopher

interesting....next year I will pour a cement buck and cover with stump licker or tarsel sent and see what happens. must be hard to pack in and out though...


I'm going to fill my whole field with cement bucks! I'll fill my tags in one day!
I'll call it deer trapping.


Wonder if they would make regulations like one cement deer to every 50ft. He he he.


Its true i kno the guy he lives in indiana and thats were im from its about 50 miles from where i live its true

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