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February 06, 2008

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Bill Heavey: Stink Free in Las Vegas

I've just returned from Las Vegas and the SHOT show, the hunting industry's annual beer-and-gear-fest, where a new scent-elimination product caught my eye. It will probably turn out to be another gimmick. On the other hand, it could mean the end of ScentLok, Scent Shield, and all the other companies that seek to muffle odor with burnt coconut carbon, silver ions, and the secretions of the Eastern Spadefoot Toad.

Indexmedia_clip_image006_2It's called the MOXY Generation Unit, and looks decidedly un-sexy, rather like a portable vacuum cleaner with a hose that hooks up to a garment bag like you use when forced to buy a new suit. My grasp of science is slim, but here's what little I understand of it. An oxygen molecule -- O2 --is nothing more than two oxygen atoms stuck together. Okay, pay attention. More oxygen atoms can be added to the existing molecule. Ozone, for example, is O3. "Oxidizing" cleaners, which include chloride and Oxi-Clean (the one with the bearded guy yelling at you on TV), are quite popular these days. The more oxygen atoms you add, the more "powerful" the oxidizing molecule. Problem is, the more oxygen atoms you add, the more they repel each other. They're about as stable as Britney Spears.

Anyway, MOXY claims to have found a "super oxidizing" metal ion which they've somehow kidnapped, imprisoned in the vacuum cleaner, and made go to work for them cranking out molecules with up to 14 oxygen atoms stuck to them. The machine, as I understand it, sucks in O2 and spits out the super-charged oxygen molecules, which get blown into the garment bag. The bag holds 4-to-6 hunting garments AND up to two pairs of boots you can stick in the bottom.

These are some badass molecules. The company says that in less than 20 minutes, these suckers not only neutralize odors on your stuff, they STAY in there for hours. This means your duds continue to pull odor away from your body and nuke it.

The unit can plug into any wall outlet, or even the 12-volt connection in your car. It will be available next spring and retail for $399. See moxyproducts.com if you want to get even more confused.

It's easy to knock this idea, even (or especially) if you don't understand it. On the other hand, if it works, it would certainly rock my world.

Change is a flighty creature. Sometimes she moves like a glacier. Sometimes she strikes like lightning. The only thing for certain is that she's always in motion.


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Remember that device in The Andromeda Strain that burns off the top layer of skin of scientists who enter a secret underground laboratory, so they don't compromise its sterility? This is more complicated.


I've read about this product on a couple of other sites.

Even if it works, I'll stick with my Xstatic undergarments and hood I've been wearing the last 4 seasons.

Between the Xstatic and good earth cover scents sprays I've not been busted (to my knowledge) in 4 seasons and have had deer downwind of me countless times.

The silver based Xstatic works and doesn't cost $399.99


It may well be nothing more than an ozone generator. These machines, about the size of a vacuum cleaner, are used by fire restoration contractors to remove smoke odors from buildings which have caught fire.

Attaching an ozone generator to a garment bag and recirculating the air inside the bag through the ozone generator might be all they have done. Add some clever marketing and the next thing you know, these guys are in their thongs on a beach in France.

(All who have just raised their eyebrows or squinched their faces, you'll have to buy Heavey's book for an explanation.)

You're welcome, Bill. Please send $1647 for a new fuel pump, gas tank and sending unit for my 15 year old truck.


Clever marketing has sold hunters quite a bit of junk over the years.

And yes, I've bought my fair share of it.



Three hundred and ninety nine dollars will buy lots of Scent-Away!
Sorry MOXY, to hot for my blood



Worked around an ozone generator in a water treatment facility. Probably much larger and a bit more expensive than what MOXY sells.
Ozone is one powerful disinfectant! Ozone is very expensive to generate! Takes lots of 'tricity AND liquid oxygen!


bill heavey

here's my problem: i WANT the thing to be true.

here's my other problem: i'm very skeptical. stuff like this comes along all the time and fails.

BUT...if it works, four bills would be cheap to my thinking. A suit of scent lok or scent shield costs nearly as much and is only effective for one or two seasons. something like this would keep working for many years (if it worked.)

if somebody DOES create an oxygen molecule on the order of O6 and upwards, it could suck up a lot of stink. ozone is 03, so the guy who finds a way to crank out a larger oxygen molecule would have a nice thing going. btw, i'm not much of a believer in camo to begin with. my thinking has always been this: move you get busted; don't move, you don't. odor control far more useful.

Blue Ox

Here's a nifty scent-control deal that I'm a big believer in: a shower!
A little time in the tub with your rubber duckie will work wonders out in the woods.

NH Philosopher

Aren't both Aluminum and Silver oxidizing? And - multiple molecules of oxygen become unstable and dangerous..particularly to flames... You would become a walking timebomb. I call Bull SH*T.


From moxy's website:
The MOXY Scent Elimination System™ utilizes a Patented, “ionized super-oxidant” (the MOXY™ Molecule) which eliminates existing odors PLUS eradicates odor-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus in hunting apparel, ensuring the hunter an unparalleled and overwhelming advantage over the super-sensitive noses of his or her quarry.

Even if take all these odors and bacteria, mold, mildew etc from your clothes, how long does it take for your body to reproduce the bacteria?

I don't see this a being anything more than a fancy dry cleaning unit.

Kill the bacteria on your body and keeping it from forming is the key to scent reduction. So bathe and then wear clothing with silver like Xstatic, Xscent or medalist.

If it's good enough for the military and nasa for use when you can't bathe, it's good enough to hunt in.


NH Philosopher

I don't know about that statement. NASA has used some pretty inferior gear as has the military. I'd go consumer / private sector label with good professional reviews before using NASA or the Military as third party validators.

bill heavey

True. Never forget that NASA gave us Tang, which is about 70 percent sugar. And apparently the jerky they send into space did poorly in Outdoor Life's taste test in latest issue.

i also think you need a LOT of silver ions to do much good.

Scott Bestul

Hey, go easy on NASA. They gave us Space Food Sticks, which helped quell potential riots in my Cub Scout group, and probably put my dentist's kids through college...


It's hard enuff to generate O3 (ozone)! To actually generate O5 or 6 is crazy! Super-ozone!? Gimme a break!
I ain't saying it can't be done, but just a little bleach in the washing machine will do wonders!


Trae B.

Well i'll come to your rescue guys ive invented something much better,that works better,and is cheeper. for just $398 you can but b-no-scent it is one bar of soap that has H2O NaCi Chloride,magnesium,cobalt,neon,and all the other elements the way you us it is you get in the bath tub "works best with nice warm water" put in a Charlie Daniels CD cut the lights down low and as Blue Ox said it is very important to have your rubber ducky or else the product will not work.After you get out dry off with a clean towel put on your lucky hunting under-wear(hat,shirt,socks,pants,boots,thong,ect)
no refunds


Like I said, Bill, I've been using a combination of Xstatic,medalist, or Xscent clothing for the last 4 seasons and I've had deer dead downwind of me countless times and anywhere from right under the tree to a 100 yards or more away and never pay a bit of attention to me.

And I didn't pay $400.00 for the privlege.


just to ratchet up the debate here and the rhetoric, i was just contacted by the moxy folks.

the price for the product will be $499, not $399.

that's a whole bunch of X-Static Rubber Duckies, sort of like getting on an elevator and having Kenny G playing your elevator music live.


I've read this blog as well as Petzal's for a while, but this is the first time I've commented. I'm just wondering, have we gone so far as to depend on technology at the expense of old school woodsmanship? Don't get me wrong, I use earth scents and scent free washing detergent; I believe that they help in certain situations. But what about hunting the wind and thoroughly planning entrance and exit routes to reduce the chance of being busted? Can anyone actually believe "Forget the Wind, Just Hunt". I, for one, don't.

Ridge Runner

I'm all for using any (legal) technological edge that you feel helps you.

That said, the best bowhunter I know washes his clothes once a year whether they need it or not. There isn't a scrap of silver, tinsel, molybdenum or charcoal in any of those garments. He is just past his 40th birthday and has more P&Y bucks to his credit than his age.

His motto: If you have the wind, you have everything. If you don't have the wind, you have nothing.


Usta think all that "scent control" stuff was for the birds.
About three years ago, I started using some stuff called "Scent-Killer", I think!
I had deer within fifteen or twenty feet and never a "bust". This last year I ran out and didn't buy more. Though my hunting opportunities were seldom, I got "busted" more often than not!
I wash my hunting clothes with the same product's "laundry soap", and spray myself liberally before heading to the stand. I figure that within the next, oh, twenty years, I might spend maybe $150 (if I live that long!) on the stuff. As long as it works, I don't need MOXY's $500 apparatus, thank you very much!



Oh, by the way, other than checking the speed, I don't pay any attention to the wind!
I DO NOT allow the wind to dictate stand selection.
Who knows, it may cost me deer, but I really don't care!
I'm out enjoying the woods!


Trae B.

I really dont bother with the wind I just spray up with scent-killer and go hunting.Simple as that.


I will have to agree with ridge runner..no matter what you wear, how much you spray, the # of layers of scentlock you wear, you are hunting whitetailed deer. and they will smell you.. having said that.. Sooner or later somthing will come out that will completly change everything about scent control as we know it today. I have been reading up on this product and it may be a expesive gimick.. but it could be the thing that changes EVERYTHING.. I guess time will tell.. I hunt in the foothills of NC. you get in a oak hollow or on a ridge and when you get there in the dark in the morning the wind might be gently drifting to the north.. at 800 it might drift south north east then west in a span of 5 min!! lol so if it works I for one will be lookin to get one...

Adam Wright

I know this type of technology works because I've been using products from purifymyhunt.com for 3 years! This type of technology was used at the Pentagon after 911 for smoke damage, is used to scrub the air in space shuttles. Take an air purifier that can scrub the air and surfaces in a 3000 square foot home and place it in a closet, ground blind or room and you are virtually odor free. They have an air purifier that was field-tested through the North American Hunting Club and got a rating of 9.5!! I've been bow hunting for 30 years, I hunt at least 5 days a week during season and I love it because all I have to do is go get my gear from the closet and I'm going hunting without the hassle of scent sprays and clothing. And on the subject of silver ions, this company has a product that hooks up to the washing machine--it eliminates the need for bleach, laundry detergents, fabric softeners and hot water. The silver ions kill the odor causing bacteria in my bedding, all the clothes in my closet. I take an unscented shower and grab my gear and go!!
*What do you do when your ground blind gets smelly from mold? You get a new one.
*What do you do when your carbon suit doesn't work any more? You buy a new one.
*How much do you spend on scent free laundry soaps and sprays? I don't spend anything on these.
*What do you do about odors in the home from pets, smoke, cooking; what about cold and flu season? I just take my purifier from the hunting closet and use it in my home to have a healthier living space for my family.
If these are concerns of yours- you should visit www.purifymyhunt.com and find out for yourself.

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