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February 11, 2008

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Bill Heavey: An Old Joke I Love

There is an old joke I love for how economically it conveys the reality of deer hunting.

A city guy wanders into the only bar in a small town and asks, “Can any of you guys tell me a good spot to put up a tree stand and shoot a deer? I’ve never done it before.”

The guys in the bar roll their eyes at one another and one decides to have a little fun with him. “Sure thing,” he says. “It’s simple. You know those big yellow highway signs you see with a deer on’em?”

“Sure,” the dude says.

“Well, we put those out just to help guys like you. Drive around until you see one, park, go into the woods right there, and set up in the first tree you find.” 

The guy thanks him and leaves, whereupon everybody in the bar pounds the trickster on the back and laughs until beer sprays out their noses.

Two hours later, the hunter comes back. “Could any of you guys show me how to clean this thing?” 


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Blue Ox

Karma's a bitch, ain't it?


That's how it is.


So...that's not what the signs are for?

Ricardo Rodríguez

Makes a lot of sense.
They are supposed to be put near the deer crossings, aren´t they?

bill heavey

believe there have to have been a certain number of deer-vehicle "encounters" before highway depts. will erect a sign. so they are verified deer routes. most hunters must figure if everybody knows about it, it can't be good. which, of course, is dead wrong. (witness, for example, the overwhelming traffic on this blog.)


It appears the signs work. US 24 west of I-475 in northwest Ohio. I see sign. I look right and see 15 deer in field.

(Wondering if I should make a sign and put it in my backyard....better yet, make signs and sell them - think of all the gas money a fellow could make! This could be better than writing a book!)

don mitchell

thanks jack, now i have to clean clean the coffee off the moniter & keyboard again.

John Bramhall

Last Fall I was driving north on highway 97 just south of Bend, Oregon when I saw a mule deer buck feeding alongside the road. He was standing next to a Deer Crossing sign...........wish I had a camera!

Trae B.


Trae B.

Sorry the link above dosent work.Dont bother clickin it.I wanted to show a picture of a deer crossing sign with bullet holes and tally marks on it.

Trae B.

Ive got a good joke though.

One day a man took his buddy bear hunting he had a dog and a gun with one bullet.He told his buddy "okay we are going to find a bear in a tree and then im going to climb the tree and shake the bear out.when the bear hits the ground the dog will run over and bite its testicles,then we will tie it up." the mans buddy then asked why do we have the gun and bullet then.to which the man replied.In case the bear shakes me out of the tree shoot the damn dog!

White Mountains Willy

What comes first, the deer or the sign?

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