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February 11, 2008

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2008 Shed Hunting Photo Contest


Send us a picture of yourself with a shed that you've found! Our editors will review all the entries and send a Leatherman Surge, worth $80, to the person who submits our favorite. Don't wait to long to start looking for antlers -- the leaves will be popping out sooner than you think, and the deadline for entries is May 1. Use the form below to submit your photo. Good luck!

First Name:
Last Name:
Home Town:
Email Address:
Your Shed Photo:
Tell us the story of how you found this shed!

Click here for the official rules.


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Tried hunting for sheds today!
Guess what!?
I had three bucks nearly run over me. Now, I don't know in what state you are hunting for sheds, but in the state of Oklahoma, it's useless. All three bucks had antlers still firmly attached to their heads!!!


John D

Hey Bubba:

I found two in Oklahoma last Saturday. But walked a lot of miles for those'ns. I agree it's a bit early. Whereabouts in OK do you live? I'm in Tulsa.

Terrance Mahoney

Have to agree have seen bucks last weekend in Cherokee county and in Osage county with horns.


yea there might be one or two bucks loosing horns but not very many iam in south dakota,and iam still seeing alot of bucks with both sides,,mulies and white tails

John D

I have some great trail cam pics from last week of the bloody holes left in their heads. Wish there was some way to post pics on this board ...

The Editors

John, send em to us. We'll post them for you. [email protected]

Jason B

idk about all u southern folks but the deer have long shedded them. only problem is trying to find them in 3 ft of snow, i have one i found last year and am going out weekly till the thaw comes so i will be able to narrow down my area by knowing where the deer had bedded and where they had traveled


John D

I'm down near Lawton. Actually closer to the Waurika WMA!



From what I understand, just like the rut, the amount of sunlight hitting the back of the deer's eye (length of day) is what determines when the antlers begin to turn loose! People have told me that mid to late March is the time to hunt sheds in my area


Jason B

i was told that the shed them after the rut because they no longer have the need to establish dominance anymore and have no use to carry around the heavy antlers until its time to show off again


Bubba and John D. Thought I was the only Okie on here! Small world. I'm in Tulsa also, however I've not had the chance to shed hunt yet. Still cleaning up limbs/trees!

John D

Midnight, I hear you. I'm headed up to our lease in Vinita on Saturday and I'm always torn between clearing roads, freeing feeders that are pinned and moving treestands that are in areas a damn squirrel couldn't walk through. There's all that, then there's shed hunting. Will probably shed hunt.

The ice storm is one of the reasons they're losing their horns early this year, from what I hear – stress causes early drop.


John D - I hunt up there too - Wyandotte area. I've been up there couple times already to help get things lined out, sure is a mess. I'm going to have to check behind the house - got a small herd back there that I watch and take pictures of but never hunt. Watching them is reward enough.


John D - MN Banjo

Glad you guys are up there!

I dodged the entire mess, only problem is, we still need moisture, BAD! Supposed to get some this weekend but it's gonna be colder 'n kraut! Guess I'll just fire up the old wood stove and make another pot of coffee!


John D

I guess the editors didn't like my buck-without-its-horns pic.


John D & Midnight Banjo

You guys get any wet stuff? We ended up with a bit over an inch. We really need more but this will do for a week or two then we'll be ready for another inch or so!
Probably best be happy we got what we did seeing it had been Nov since the last decent rain!

Maybe with weather a bit warmer and the dust settled some, might be able to go out and find some sheds!



We got rain here - not enough - but I guess some is better than none. I need about 2 weeks of decent weather to get the yard done (right at 1.3 acres) so I can get on with more important stuff like getting the bow out, breaking in a new target, and getting the boat ready to go fishing. Yes I suffer from both CPD and CPF!

John D

Lots o rain. Wanted to get up and look for antlers, but was a wash.


Mon morn dawned bright and clear. Spouse heads off to work for 2 days. Maybe I can get out and do some "shed hunting" Tues.
My rain gauge said 1.2 inches though I kinda doubt that. Had a bit of a hail also. About marble size and smaller. Unfortunately, I had to go outside just as it started and it quit when I stepped onto the back porch! Ol' Murph at work again! Still gonna head out this P.M. for a bit of a shed hunt!



Well, guys. Three hours in a cutting wind. Two of those spent thrashing through thickets and blow downs. Another hour driving the fence. Guess what I found!? A COW HORN!!! Rickin', frackin', snackle!!!! Dad-bum sallywich!!!
May try again tomorrow!


Jason b

yeh im up here in north west iowa and i saw three bucks with full racks about a weak ago but seen quit a feew that already dropped em


hey i live in montana and i went shed hunting on Feb 21 and sall whitetail bucks with anlters and mule bucks with antlers, me and my dad found 6 old sheds, but i also talked to a shed hunter we passed by and he found a pair of massive 5X5, when do they all shed in Montana?


I'm in IL, and all the deer have lost their antlers for the most part. Was riding my 2008 Grizzly 660, playing in the snow, when I found a monster shed. Has four small tines coming off one of the main beams. Has a total of 12 points on this one side.
I go shed hunting about every weekend; mostly just around where I live down in the creek bottoms, in the feilds, etc. I have found a lot so far this year.


hey. i like deer. i am 12. i am a girl. if u shoot them then ur not cool. i have some in my backyard and they are tame and they let me pet them anywhere. U KNO! they are nice animals. one of them has large horns. very large. super large. they can run very fast. like kenyans! they raced Kenyans! they always win except one time they tied and got deported back to Kenya!!!!!!!!!!! well i am gonna go eat some cheese with my mom. tootilou <3


I have been trying to post a picture of a set of sheds I found in the contest, for the past hour. Do I need to post a smaller picture or something?

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