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January 17, 2008

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Whitetail News Roundup

Deaf Hunter Arrows Iowa Booner
It’s not unusual for big bucks to slip into bow range unheard. In fact, they don’t approach any other way for Daniel Myers of Sioux City, Iowa, who arrowed a 182 7/8-inch 14-pointer this fall. Myers, you see, is deaf.

From the Sioux City Journal:
In sign language, Myers uses his hands to show "horns" atop his head. He then wipes his chin and finishes the statement with a sign of thumb and pinkie outstretched.

"Buck. Best. Ever," his daughter Jenny Christophersen interprets. "He's hunted for 20 years and this is the best he's gotten. He couldn't wait to see how it scored. It's better than he thought."

More Whitetail News:
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Venison Sausage Subtleties, With Brett Favre


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That is really cool..



Do you have any "SHOT" show predicitons? "Any new goodies"

We have to be able to top the BUTT OUT from last year.

I am sure your book will be in every booth, with people just hoping you will stop by.

bill heavey

nothing official on shot, but i have heard rumors of the following new products:
0 a "warden's model" butt out.

0 a self-elevating, hydraulic treestand that weights just 9 pounds. msrp of $114,000.

0 antler implants that would allow a taxidermist to turn your six-pointer into the Milo Hanson buck. only bug still to be worked out is that the tines start to leak and sag after two years.

stay tuned for further developments. bh

Blue Ox

Is the 'Wardens model' anything like the 'New cellmate model'?

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