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January 16, 2008

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BuckTracker: Year of the Lockup

2007 has been a memorable season for many whitetail nuts, but for BuckTracker readers, it may well go down as the Year of the Lockup. Sure, we've shared great deer hunting stories, ogled giant bucks, oohed over albino whitetails, argued over garage-lot mulies, and even chuckled over grizzly bears on scout cams. But let's face it, for some reason we've been bombarded by images of whitetail bucks that tangled with each other...and couldn't get unlocked.
First we had the Boldings and their dramatic rescue of a South Dakota whitetail. Then we had the Tiger Ridge incident, where a WI hunter shot one of a pair of bucks tangled up with each other in a creek. And a North Dakota woman who saw a pair of bucks locked up in field, came back the next day, and shot one.
Image002And now, my friends, this. Twice in the last three days the following image of not two, but THREE whitetail bucks with horns hopelessly meshed has found its way to my inbox. Is this image photo-shopped or posed? Possibly. Could such a thing actually happen? I have no doubt that it could. At this point I have no way of knowing if these pics are a hoax or simply record one of the goofiest freaks of nature I've seen in awhile.
Regardless, I thought Buck Tracker readers would appreciate the irony of yet another entry into the strange fall of 2007. Anyone know anything about the origin or validity of these photos?


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The deer on the bottom right is alive or a mount. Note the position of the ears. Cant tell if its for real or not?


These three deer are like drunk a$$ed men in a bar fighting over a woman.

John D

While I obviously don't know for sure, I'm calling BS. Looks like something a few guys put together after pulling their bucks off the meat pole at camp. To take my half-assed assumption one step farther, I'd guess there may have even been some drinking involved.

Blue Ox

This just goes to show that women are not worth fighting over.


Am I crazy or did anyone else see the ears on the bottom right deer? I still say its alive or a mount. Somebody tell me Im an idiot or you agree.


LOL Blue Ox.....Thats not what all my husbands friends say..seems I hunt AND flyfish and their wives don't=)They all wish theirs did! ha ha ha! I tell them...you guys all jumped the gun too soon when you got married,you should have known when those women all had to go to the Opera and never wanted to put on a pair of boots..he he!

Blue Ox

Yea, them ears ain't quite right. And the fur looks a little too clean.


Alrighty boys and girls..here is a link to some of these same buck pictures...now you can really judge what you think.......

If some don't want to think that 3 can get locked ,check out this picture:


Wanda , what do I look for on the first sight? The second one is awesome!


Wanda , what do I look for on the first sight? The second one is awesome!You will have to forgive me I am an idjit when it comes to navigating puters.

Blue Ox

So THAT'S what happened to the three stooges!

another voice

the bottom buck's rack appears
not to be locked with the other antlers.


1. bottom deer's too clean and ears are odd looking
2. same deer doesn't even look to be locked up bad
3. how on earth would the top deer get locked up upside down... it just doesn't make sense to me


If you look close, none of them are locked just shoved together.

Just my $.02

Tommy S.

Banjo appears to be correct. I seriously doubt these deer would die "locked" in this way.
The bottom right deer's rack's right side is not tangled at all, and the left side only has a single tine from the other deer in between two of his tines.

Total BS.


Looks like a big poop samich and we all just took a bite!!LOL


I dont know. I think its possible, but whose to say.


Truth is stranger than fiction!
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men! "The Shadow do!"
Don't say can't or won't! Nature does as she pleases! Even if it did cost 3 bucks! LOL!!



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much better photo's and some story line of thhttp://www.archerytalk.com/vb/showthread.php?t=603861&highlight=locked+bucke lockup at this may or may not help

Gerald Callaway

Shoot locked horn bucks or free them? Its not even an option. Do not try to free the deer from each other because someone will get hurt seriously. Several years ago two hunters tried to free a doe hung in the fence. In the process she kicked one of them in the throat cutting his jugular vein. He died on the spot. Not only are the feet dangerous but what about the horns when the bucks are free? The buck meat would not be fit to eat because the muscles are tense,stressed, and taut from fighting. So the most humane thing would be to shoot the deer, putting them out of their misery, salvage whatever you want for a mount, and let the buzzards have the rest. Gerald Callaway - Brownwood Tx.

Don Hein

My thoughts are to call your Local Game Warden and let him handle it. Keep yourself our of trouble and do not lose your Hunting privileges. I have a story to relate. On one of my Jobs in Wyoming, we were building Ponds to contain water for water plants to filter out salts, minerals, etc. These Ponds were deep and had steep slopes, also had very heavy plastic liners to prevent leaks. They starte filling with water and deer started to come into water and slid into these ponds. We had to pull them out. We had Fences up, but not tall enough, we had to put 10' sheep wire to keep them out. One occasion that I remember in particular was a very large Mule Deer Buck 26" Class had fallen in and when we found him, he was exhausted from trying to get out, and I tied a rope to a Back Hoe and walked to the edge of the water and when I talked to him softly, to my surprise he swam to me and allowed me to put the Rope over his Horns. We gently helped him out of the Pond with the Back Hoe up the Slope. He reached the top and laid down. I removed the Rope and walked awa. I thought this Deer was too stressed to live, but after about 30 minutes, the Deer got up and walked away. I don't know if this relates to two While Tail Bucks Horns locked up, but if they are wore out I might give it a chance to help unlock them. By the way, I hunted that area the next year and missed a large Buck that I thought was him. I usually don't miss. Sincerely Don Hein Gillette, Wyoming

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