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January 31, 2008

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BuckTracker: Canadian Eye Candy

Jay Cassell brought us a very compelling slide show of his trip to Saskatchewan last month. Jay's story is one of those that put "Canada Trip" on the agenda of every whitetail nut. And, of course, photos like the two that follow keep the fire burning hot.
The first photo is of a buck shot by Scott Yetman a guide for Diamond Willow Outfitters in Alberta. The story is that Scott was enjoying a day behind the gun when this monster buck appeared. Though it has not been officially scored, early reports is the buck is in the 190-range.

And here is another Alberta buck, this one shot by Helgie Eymundson. The freakish non-typical is rumored to be in the 280" B&C (non-typical) range, and the official score is supposed to come out by the end of this month. We will report the net score as soon as we hear it!


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Nice, very nice!
I don't care how big or what "nation" they grew up in, "Ya cain't eat them HORNS!"

If I could quit shaking long enough, I try a shot at that one myself!


Sexy Man

I'm with Bubba I could care Less how big the Horns Are but whn you look at those pics those are some hugh Deer that be enough meat to last the whole Off-season for me and my Family..Nice Job Guys and Congrats form the Sexist Man on the Planet


Very nice deer maybe to old and tuff to eat . I dought that they all seam to be good eating. Love that Deer meat very nice bucks maybe nicer then i have ever seen. A white tale that is. Have seen some biger muleys but for a white tail huge. Jumbo


I would probably wet myself!!! Hey quit stickin horns on cows!!


Something would come from together if i seen something like this. Jumbo

that other deer is a gnarly lookin bugger


Thats not nice making that midget go hold onto those antlers for the picture...

Jim D

Look at the mass on this deer it looks like a couple of baseball bats.


I know you cant eat the horns but they look good hanging on the wall. You can eat the meat after the hand shakes are all done

john l. moran

I have my doubts about scott,besides the photo shown i've seen others. Take a good look at "NEWF" as i know him ,holding this giant by just his thumb??? He was our guide in 2005 in alberta and told us he never shot a whitetail. I know every squirrel finds a nut but this nut has a lot to desire. The other photos are just as revealing in fact one looks like it's been thru photo shot! I would like to beleive him but I would certainly need more proof!!

bill heavey

you have to take into account that the "guide" in the picture is 2 feet, 9 inches tall and is standing not on his knees, but on tiptoe, and spends most of the year with the circus.


that is the biggest buck i've ever seen but i can see how big they get in canada

Dr. Ralph

Can you say photoshopped? Send a picture of yourself and $100 to Ralphco Inc. and I can put you beside the Hole in the Horn, Hanson, or any other Holy Grail of whitetail hunting... if you want meat shoot a yearling that weighs 80lbs. on the hoof. I hunt for horns like most and kill a big doe when I get frustrated, keep the back straps and donate the rest. Hunters for the Hungry!


Okay all you whitetail fanatics and skeptics, calm down,its real and I heard it tapes over 190. Whitetail in this part of Alberta are the largest strain in the world. I have hunted for several decades in the same area and trust me, carcasses pushing 200 pounds dressed are common and they can be in full rut with back legs yellow from the knees down and taste better then anything.I know its hard to believe when your're used to 120 whitetails the size of a dalmation but its all true. we may have stupid gun laws enacted by libtards and just went through a spell of minus 40 weather but we live in Whitetail heaven where the next world record is a possibility every time out. We hunt hard during the few weeks of the season rattling 70 point sheds, accepting the fact we'll need several hands or a tractor loader to get our deer home. Can't wait for spring shed hunting.

Dr. Ralph

I'm moving to Alberta after a year in Jackson Hole a year after I retire... I was at Banff National Park or whatever they call it now around 1971. Hiked up a big trail around Lake Louis barefoot. That's right... legendary status super hero at large, and it's all true. Now if I could just shoot a buck like the one in the picture I could die happy. Can I come visit in November albertahunter?

Blue Ox

Must be something in the water....


I want to go to Canada,right now!


That picture with the photoshopped face has been around for at least 4 years.


i dont care how old or the midget thang but plain n simple....thats THE MONARCH of whitetails hope he sired many.

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