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December 13, 2007

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Whitetail News: Is This a Unicorn Deer?

From New York’s The Buffalo News:

Captured on a motion-sensitive game camera, the adult deer appears to have a long antler sticking out of its head between it’s eyes.

“It looks like a unicorn deer,” said Dave Ebeling, the hunter-photographer who caught the deer on camera Oct. 16.

“I thought it was some kind of joke, but how can that be?” said the 46-year-old Ebeling, who added the photo was not retouched. “I got it [on camera].”

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more like triceratops deer.



Far out man!


Far out man! Hadnt seen the photo Id say you are on the hippy lettuce!!LOL


Looks to me he has another little kicker coming out right behind the other one?


looks like the left side skull plate got broken. if you look at how the pedicle sits right above the eye.


His eye on that side does look a little off.

David Boones

It is clearly not a UNIcorn deer, Dave. Uni implies that it would have one antler, this buck clearly does not. I would say that it's probably the nicest buck found in western NY, even if he has a tine sprouting up between his eyes.


how ironic on the second day of gun season i shot a spike with one side broken off, i thought it was adoe. My brother called everyone in his phonebook to tell them I still get made fun of about it. This one however is a little bigger.


There was a buck taken in Michigan I seen that had the left side antlers sticking out of the left eye socket.


Just another kicker on a non-tipical buck;but,neet photo

Uncle Buck

Not unusual. I've seen a 5 legged deer and even some white deer(not kidding!).


weird amd unusual


it probably got into a fight and the other bucks antler got stuck in his skull. i had a friend that shot a buck like that

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