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December 14, 2007

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Video: Buck in a Swingset

You all saw the fascinating slideshow of pictures from Terry and Sherry Bolding, the couple who sent us photos of themselves freeing a buck locked by the antlers to its dead sparring partner. The video that below shows a different kind of entanglement. Apparently a whitetail buck wandering through someone's backyard  got its antlers wrapped up in a child's swingset.

I sure hope the person who filmed the situation was as kind to this buck as the Boldings were to the one they encountered. Not sure I'd have waited to get it on camera before figuring out a way to help the animal. Since this is all the footage we could find, at this point we don't know how this ended. If anyone has more info, post it below.



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That is actually pretty sad.


It just gos to show how agile deer really are, he lands on his hooves every time . Great footage

kyle G

You are definetely right i would try to help the deer before videotaping it.

Kenny Canard

Was he hung up or just having a good time? He was just a swinging.


I'd be afraid to help this buck, hate to admit it, but i'd have killed it befor freeing it


My 5 year old does the very same thing!

But seriously, I think I'd have taken it too, I still have a buck tag to fill!

Blue Ox

You could try to help him, but the buck doesn't know that, so he's not gonna be holding still for ya. May injure himself further (or run your good samaritan ass over) if you get too close. I'd take him.

Kevin Toler

I would have helped the deer as soon as possible without getting hurt. I guess there aren't many ethical hunters left these days, if they would take an animal that is trapped and has no chance to escape. My hats off to the guys who would TAKE THE DEER!


Right on Kevin. What's the matter with those of you who say you would take this deer? Not only would it be utterly unsporting, but you would almost undoubtedly be shooting within 500 feet of a house, which is illegal in most states. If you're concerned about being injured by the deer, call the regional wildlife office and let them come over and free the buck.


This would take some thought.
First off, killing and tagging this deer would be a gastric disaster! He would be so adrenaline charged and stressed as to make it inedible! Had a buddy kill one he found tangled in a fence. The meat was awful!
It would take a little time, but there is an answer without killing the deer, that is if stress didn't kill it first!


A pole saw with loppers would end this debate/problem in seconds; or a pair of bolt cutters. Can't tell if the swing is on rope or chains.

If you can't figure that out - shoot the deer and put the antlers on your wall and make up a story.



Hey all you animal lovers maybe you could just jump on it's back with your saw in your hand and ride it back and forth while sawing it's horns off. That would be a great idea, free the poor deer or maybe get rid of a cry baby animal lover when that poor defenseless buck impaled you on its horns. Personally I think it would be great target practice!

Mike O.

Sammy, you aren't much for fair chase and sport I see. Kill it at any cost I guess huh? I am no cry baby animal lover but I would do what I could to free or have the deer freed by professional. I don't see how anyone can feel ok about taking a deer like this. If you can't kill a deer by fair and sporting ways then you might want to take up a new hobby and sell your bow or gun. I don't think real hunters need idiots out there giving us real hunters a bad name by killing deer that are stuck in swing sets.


Man you guys are a bunch of whinny sissies. I feel like PETA is secretly posting comments. I love how people qualify good and bad killing. You'd let it go so what - you could stick it with an arrow in the ass a month later. If you're going to ea it, what's the difference? I wonder how many of you always hunt "fair chase," or bait, or use Scent crap and calls and decoys - how's that any different that hunting over a pile of corn? What would Ted Nugent say about you? Maybe you could give it a little kiss on it's deer lips before you release it. Anyone of normal intelligence would know to stay the hell away from trying to hand release a wild animal that's trapped. Even Pam Andersen knows that. What happened to balls in this country?

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