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December 20, 2007

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Whitetail News: Maryland Man “Belly-Slams” Intruding Doe

When a mature whitetail doe crashed into Martin “Pete” Castle’s home, he took matters into his own hands, literally. From the Frederick News-Post:

68980"I jumped on this deer."

As a former dairyman, Castle knew she would use her hooves to hurt him. He belly-slammed her, then locked her head with his forearm. . . .

"I put my right knee on her rib cage so she wouldn't thrash, and at the same time used my arm to hold her head. . . .

"I then tied the front feet to the back feet so she couldn't kick."

Another Intruding Doe:
Woman Finds Deer In Basement

Other News:
More West Virginia Deer Test Positive for CWD
Whales May Be Related to “Long-Tailed Deer”
Four Texas Students Accused Of Beating Two Deer To Death


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Yoooouuuuu might be a redneck if...you have ever belly-slammed a doe in your living room!


And that, my friends, is one hell of a belly slam.


Blue Ox

Looks like he's got more than enough belly to accomplish the feat.

JOhn Russo

Way to go, good for you!

what's cooking in his pot bellied stove?

Brian T

How does that go?
Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam,
and the deer and the antelope play..........

Brian T

How does that go?
Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam,
and the deer and the antelope play..........
(and I'll show you an incredible mess.)

Taylor Rhae

im a hunter and if I have anything to say with this is that is awsome

Big B

Yeah I agree I would feel sorry for any robber who comes in his house

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