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December 06, 2007

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News: Alabama Hunter Bags Two-Headed Deer

Mike Folker thought he'd seen it all in several decades of deer hunting, but what he encountered on a recent deer hunt was - well, he wasn't so sure what he was seeing. . . .

"This deer was walking sideways, crablike," Folker explained. "As I watched closer, I could see the deer was dragging something."

After another glance with the binoculars, Folker was even more confused than before. Upside down on the deer's head was, remarkably, another deer head.

Read the full report here.

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Blue Ox






The 2nd page is missing...what's the rest of the story???!!! What did he find when he walked up to it?? DAMN!!


C'mon John,

If you can "smell" the end of that story.....


that suxs

Your Mamma

Deer hunters killed my family pet this morning in my yard! You cowards! I will devote all my spare time to making hunting a miserable experience to all of you!

Your Mamma

I just returned from Iraq three months ago, and this is what I get for standing up to you lowly cowards!

Your Mamma

Whitetail, more like Yellowtail! Your arrogance is putrid!

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