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December 12, 2007

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BuckTracker: Whitetail Watering Holes


I was tracking down the stories behind several nice whitetails when a reader sent me this picture. My first reaction was “cool bar!” And then I looked a little closer. I’ve been here before! This is the Flambeau Forest Inn. Though it’s been a few years since I visited the place, which is in northern Wisconsin’s Flambeau River State Forest, I couldn’t help but recall my many trips to the region. I’ve fished muskies and bass on the Flambeau River, and hunted grouse and deer in the sprawling state forest that surrounds these waters.

The Flambeau Forest Inn fits with its surroundings. Log beams, pine siding, hunting and fishing signs and posters on the walls. And deer antlers in spades; sheds, mounted bucks…enough horns that they blur your vision after a while. You have to stare at each buck to really appreciate its beauty and unique configuration. If you don’t feel like rough-scoring individual racks, you just sit back and soak up the atmosphere. Eating here is like being served in your den or a hunting camp. You can tromp in wearing a flannel shirt and Sorels and no one even turns a head.

I’d like to hear from Buck Tracker readers about similar places in your regions. Have a favorite watering hole or restaurant that you visit on every trip? Like to shine a light on a diner that makes hunters feel at home? I’d love to hear about them…and put them on my list of places I need to visit.


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G's Pizzeria & Deli in downtown West Branch, Michigan (I-75 Exit 212) has become our mandatory stopping point on trips north to the Huron National Forest.

It has been described as half Victorian Inn and half Big Game museum. The main dining room has a stuffed Kodiak (or was it a Griz?). The walls are covered with game. (deer, turkey, grouse, pheasant, cougar, etc.)

It's a family restaurant, but has a bar. If your boots are muddy, they would probably give you some static. If you're coming in from the field, try not to smell like you spilled a gallon of Come-n-get-it-Bucky on yourself and they probably won't give you a second look.

mitch vagedes

you need to visit southern ohio there are a lot of big, i mean really big bucks there
that is were i got my first buck have 14 points
you also have to go to jackson county ohio
my brother lives there and he got a 13 point with a spread of 21 inches
it feild dressed at 296 pounds and he got 120 pounds of meat of it
i would have shown you it but my brother forgot to send me picture
i would just like to get i touch with you talk about a hunting trip or something
thanks for taking you time to read this


Ever been to the Buckhorn Saloon in San Antonio! (Texas, that is!)
In numbers of mounted heads and deer horns, don't know if it can be matched! It's also a part of the Lone Star brewery!
For sheer enjoyment, head to Taylor, Texas and eat at Louis Mueller's Bar-B-Q. None finer that I know of. Unfortunately, no great collection of heads or horns, just fine dining!


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