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December 11, 2007

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Bill Heavey's Book Reaches Two-Box Sales Mark

The runaway bestselling collection by editor-at-large Bill Heavey continues to amaze even its publisher. "I think we already sold, like, two boxes of them," according to the intern at Grove/Atlantic Press who answered the phone. "Way beyond what anybody here projected, I can tell you that. I know his mom bought a bunch."

"If You Didn't Bring Jerky, What Did I Just Eat?" brings together some of Heavey's least-offensive material from the last decade. In an imperfect world, it may be the perfect Christmas gift. In addition to memorable misadventures from Cuba to Mongolia, Northern Virginia to the Bahamas, the baldest man ever to write for Field & Stream offers valuable tips on the following:

*How to convince your stepdaughter that you're not a mental patient in training.
*How to call in sick so that nobody questions you. (Hint: Diarrhea is a magical word.)
*Why, when heading out before dawn for an all-day hunt in the mountains with a group of guys you just met, you should remember to wear your pants.

Available wherever inferior books are sold, including online.


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Readers who follow the link to the online bookseller will see a feature claiming that people who bought Heavey's book also bought Lamar Underwood's "The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told".

It appears Mr. Underwood poached Mr. Heavey's book title idea. For shame.


As a sidebar, if you don't have 'The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told," you oughta. For me, the entire book purchase was worth one read of Thomas McGuane's 'The Heart of the Game.'


Could you buy a signed book?

I know you could have Bill do a book signing at the Shot Show and charge 25$ for the autograph :)

Kristine Shreve

Still on my "to get for Christmas" list. Is it still considered a Christmas gift if you give it to yourself?


Bill -

A Bass Pro will be opening in northwest Ohio in June 2008. It would be neat to have you show up in our neck of the woods for the opening. Bring the other box of books - maybe you could sell some at the traffic light while folks pull into the parking lot.

BTW - this could be a 2-bagger, the Bass Pro will open in Rossford, Ohio (Toledo). Another 40 minute drive up the highway and you arrive at Cabela's in Dundee, Michigan. That's a dream vacation for some people I know.

bill heavey

i have been talking to my bosses about hitting the road with a card table and a box of books, and they say it's fine as long as i sleep in the car. but it could happen.

if you send me a copy of the book with RETURN POSTAGE and SIMPLE instructions about what you'd like me to say, i'll be happy to scribble.

send an email to [email protected] and she'll send you my address.

offer void for bill collectors.

Sherrill Philip Neese

I bought the book for my hunting bud Butch. He hates Christmas, he hates the season, he hates giving gifts and he hates receiving gifts. However, comma, he likes the book and especially that the stories are short. He only reads when he's sitting on the "john" and figures that he can get through three stories at a sitting. That is some major "reading" for him and definite high praise. Bottom line (no pun intended) is that he is a happy camper and recommends the book to others.

He wanted to let me read the book after he finished, but... well... I think I'll just get my own.



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