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November 20, 2007

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BuckTracker: For Which We Give Thanks

Today’s BuckTracker profile is special to me on a couple of levels. Like most of my entries, it features a great big deer. But this hunting tale also features a close friend of mine who is facing one of the toughest trials of his life. Bob Briggs is my former dentist (now retired), who also owns a gorgeous farm near my home in southeastern Minnesota. Bob has allowed me to bow hunt his place for several years, and wandering this wildlife paradise is a privilege I hold dear. And I have plenty of company; Bob lets several of his close friends hunt there, and his generosity is appreciated by us all.

Late this summer, Bob was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The prognosis was not good, but Bob was one of the lucky few with this particular form of cancer that could at least be treated. He was operated on shortly after diagnosis, and spent several weeks recovering. Bob missed the entire archery season, but rebounded in time for Minnesota’s first gun season.


Five days into the hunt, he scored on this incredible whitetail, a 165-inch monster that he shot with his muzzleloader. It is his largest buck ever, and he shot it from a ladder stand that we placed together this summer. The stand was also near a waterhole my hunting partner and I dug for our friend.

You’ll note the greenery in the buck’s mouth. This was placed there by Bob’s friends from Germany, who annually hunt with him in Minnesota. The European tradition of placing greenery in the mouths of the game they kill is one the entire group observes as they trade hunts in their respective countries each year.

Shortly after I write this, Bob and his wife Sue are leaving for Seattle, where he will undergo nine weeks of highly aggressive chemo-therapy, followed by a series of radiation treatments. As so many of us know, cancer is not a disease that respects the good, the kind, or even those who lead a healthy lifestyle, and my friend is an example of that. I know no one I’m prouder to call my friend, and I hope all Buck Tracker readers will join me in wishing Bob the best of luck in the weeks ahead.

BuckTracker Stats:
Date: November 8, 2007
Location: Winona County, Minnesota
Weight: 220 lbs, field dressed
Points: 10
Green Score: 165-1/4” B&C
Weapon: Muzzleloader
Shot Distance: 25 yards
Method: Ladder stand


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I wish him goodluck and i hope everything turns out well for him and his family. Oh yeah great looking buck

dave c

good luck with the chemo bob,, nice buck ,how wide is he inside spread and how long are his back points..minn has some nice bucks


Bob is in my prayers. I wish him the best.

It sounds like hunting is very important in their lives! We feel really good when we get friends from downstate to come up to our camp in the U.P. They're getting friends from Germany!

I would have been very proud to have taken that buck, especially muzzle-loader. Do they have that season prior to the rifle season? That's bass ackwards to Michigan. We have our muzzle-loading season in December.


What a terrific buck and nobody deserved it more than Bob! Congrats and the best of luck in your fight.


My hopes and prayers are with Bob that he may prevail to hunt again!


Lewis Stafford

Be bold and be strong for the Lord is with you! Congrats on the MASSIVE buck Bob.Its amazing what we can overcome and win with the help of friends and a little time in the woods!


What a tremendous buck, Bob. Congrats, and best of luck to you. As part of the hunting brotherhood, you have more friends and support than you may know. We are all pulling for you.


What a tremendous buck, Bob. Congrats, and best of luck to you. As part of the hunting brotherhood, you have more friends and support than you may know. We are all pulling for you.

Steven Lake

Hang in there Bob and fight the good fight and may God watch over you. I am a cancer survivor and a begining hunter at 60 yrs young.


Will will include you in our Thankgiving dinner prayers, Bob. Great buck! May there be many more.


What a great buck! We are all behind you, Bob. Best of luck with your upcoming treatments.


Our familiy will be thinking of you, Bob, and wishing you all the best, as we try to take a buck even half as good as yours over the holiday break.

Dave R.

Great buck, Bob. Best of luck.


best of luck bob, great buck i hope you outdo it next year

Frank Fox

Hang in there, Bob. I'm sure you'll do great. And man! What a buck! Well done.

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