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October 12, 2007

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Scrapes: How To Start a Turf War

Editor's Note: For information on how to make your own scrape, click here.

Scrapes are often compared to calling cards and singles bars, but veteran Iowa hunter and deer scent manufacturer Sam Collora believes a more accurate comparison is a truck tire. “Drive into any farmyard, and the first male dog that runs up will lift his leg on your tire,” he says. “At the next place, another one will sniff the work of the first and leave his mark, and so on.”

Collora’s analogy highlights two important points about scrapes. First, males are primarily the ones that create them. Second, the scent-making behavior is not limited to the breeding season. “Most hunters view scrapes as rut sign, but bucks use them all year long,” he says. “That’s why I start making scrapes weeks before the season, usually in August. My goal is to start a pissing match”—literally—“that will attract every buck in the neighborhood.”

Location is everything when it comes to an effective mock scrape, Collora says. “If I’m hunting familiar territory, I focus on areas where there’s been good scrape activity in the past. On new ground, I look for logging roads, corners of cover, travel corridors, or other funnels. Then I search for a good stand tree and a spot to mark up within easy shooting distance.”

Once Collora has scouted several promising locations, he returns later to make his scrapes (see sidebar). “I wear rubber boots and gloves to stay as scent-free as possible,” he says. “I also do it during midday, when bucks are bedded.”

Collora will revisit his handiwork about once a week. “The best ones will actually be taken over by bucks. I add urine only to ensure they stay fresh,” he says. “The thing to remember is that as soon as these bucks get into hard antler, they’re cruising, checking each other out, claiming their turf. When they start that behavior, they’re highly killable over a mock scrape.”

--by Scott Bestul


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What brand of urine does the author suggest using?


Has anyone heard about pouring ammonia into scrapes, since urine becomes mostly ammonia after contact with air etc.???


Going by a feature article I read by Scott Bestul in F&S, I believe Sam Collora--the source in this article--is the maker of Mrs. Doe Pee scent. I can't say so for sure, but that is probably what these guys are using.


I was so excited, came to the site to find out how to make a scrape, and can't find where it tells how. I wish you'd make the links easier to find. But I've got some horns, and doe pee, and I think I'll get it figured out!


So....where is the link that tells me what materials I'll need, where a prime spot is, and what techniques to use to create my own mock scrape? My magazine told me to come here to find out how, not for an article about a guy who does it.


well HOW do you make a scrape!?


Look where it says Editors Note at the top of the article. The link to follow is there for the in depth how to of making scrapes.


I like your idea but you failed to mention a licking branch,do you use one? Do you put one on right away? Now I hope you don`t think this is bullshit, but my buddy told me he pissed in scrapes,so on a resent trip to Kansas I did this and you would not believe the action, this brought on! but there must have been hot does in the area.I hit a large buck but did not recover it.THANKS!RJP

Wat up

Feild and stream is the best outdoor magasine ever


I have pissed in scrapes and used scrape scents and they both work.The problem is most scrapes are hit during the night.I have seen scrapes where it looked like the deer used a plow to make a scrape. Scrape hunting is only good during pre rut and post rut.You can make a mock scrape any where you want but I would think a choke down area would be good as long as it has good cover.

can u hunt on sunday in michigan

Gina Davis

Sam Collora is owner of Mrs. Doe Pee buck lures. I have used them for years and have had awesome success!

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