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October 26, 2007

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BuckTracker: Trampoline Racks

If you ever need proof that whitetails adapt to people, check out the photo below. No word yet on where this trampoline is located, but I hope the landowners remove it before the firearms season…bucks have enough hiding places as it is!




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What a cool photo.
We used to have a giant 10 pointer that came and bedded down under a small cosp of white pines right against the back of my garage during the hunting season. I could never kill him in the back 40 and I didn't feel right about setting a stand in the back yard. So we named him Fred and treated him like part of the family.


Whoever jumps on that trampoline next should be careful not to jump to high--or he might get an antler in the @$$.


You don't need to set up a stand. Just wait atop the roof of your garage. Don't forget your safety harness.


Hey Gina from the first post.
Can I get your phone number? You sound like a real sweety. Maybe we could go hunting together sometime?????


cool pictures my sister inlaw has whitetail bucks and does in here yard all day long walking back and forth,,,as much as you see them in the day time they must sleep at night,plus she has a mountain lion there keep track of the whitetails .




Hey Will,

I'm very picky about who I date but I'd like to see your hunting portfolio and maybe we can talk.

dave c

lets see yours gina


Hey, is that trampoline SQUARE?

Michael Lyn Goodman

Thats some big bucks.. So were do ya live i can help yaout on the populatin... BUt nice deer good luck thi year..


South Jersey. My buddy actually took that photo. It was at his neighbors house and his neighbor came to get him to see it. How did you get this photo?

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