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October 23, 2007

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BuckTracker: First Deer With a Bow

I have a bowhunt in Pike County, Illinois, fast approaching, so I was pleased when this great deer story came my way this weekend. Like most deer hunters, I get inspired by the success of others!

This one comes from Justin Rowland, a 31-year-old who decided to take up bowhunting this season.


Justin was hunting his uncle’s farm in White County, Indiana, in mid-October. “I went down there on a Friday evening for a weekend hunt,” he told me. “Saturday morning I was sitting my stand, which is located on the edge of some woods. On one edge of the woods is a field, and the other abuts a swamp. That morning I saw six does work by me, but just out of range. So I decided I’d move my stand to that trail for the evening hunt. That afternoon, I got back in the stand and had seen a couple of small bucks when I looked up and saw this big buck heading my way. He was coming out of the swamp and heading toward the field to feed.”

After several tense moments, the buck finally walked within 30 yards and gave Justin a shot. “I thought I hit him pretty well, and we came back to track him that evening but we lost the blood trail,” he said. “I spent a pretty sleepless night, but we found him the next morning. He was my first deer ever!”

Justin was curious as to whether his monster deer would make Pope &Young. I assured him that the buck would have many inches to spare in that category! What a great first deer, and kudos to Justin for observing deer behavior and adjusting his stand site!

Hunt Stats:
Date: October 13, 2007
Location: White County, Indiana
Weight: 200 lbs., dressed
Points: 13
Green Score: unknown
Weapon: Mathews bow
Shot Distance: 30 yards
Method: Tree stand


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Now that is starting at the top. Wow. Anyone got a guess as to what this deer scores? It has got to gross well over 150 inches, right?


I think you are in the right ballpark, Joel. Sometimes photos can be a little deceiving. I've never killed one this big, but a buddy arrowed a monster that looked very much like this one and grossed 162.


Congrats!!! That is awesome. When can Alison and I go with you? We've got all of our gear to go!


Justin -

Tricia and I have our camo ready. We need to borrow a bow and a tree stand. Do you have one for us to borrow? One more thing... Do we have to be quiet when hunting?

Great Job Justin!!


Holy cow! Someone teach this guy how to score a buck!
He says it's a 13 pointer. Is he including that split brow tine as two points? Or one? I can' t tell from the picture!


Not sure what this guy is talking about, looks like 13 pointer to me. Very nice buck, and your fist one!!

Tracy Martin

Great job hunter Big J.....

Ever need any more tracking experience. Just Call

Zayna... hehehe

Big Ed Deer Hunter

Way to Go Justin. Hope it gets buck of the year....

The Martin Crew


way to go justin
wish we could have found it that night. it will be a long time before you see another one like that


U R a stud!! If Jordan gets to go next year so do I, maybe some of that luck will rub off!!! :)


what the f***, thats a big buck!!


Awesome buck Justin!!!

First, second, or twentieth buck. That's one super deer!!!



i live in seymour if you hered the buck that was killed in 2003 at seymour hes my cousin and it was just awsome to hold its rack it scored 194 but wow i think illinois has some compition now Indiana is getting big.....and hey nice buck and you other guys dont worry bout how many pionts it is at least its down good joB


Hello all. I finally got this monster scored. Green scored at 162. May not be as big as Murph's 194 but I'm damn proud of it.


I think ya killed grandpa Haha

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