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October 25, 2007

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BuckTracker: A 212 B&C Iowa Monster

Of50294442_2Another great deer story came to me from Iowa the other day. Steve Hanson, a friend, guide, and whitetail fanatic from Monroe County, actually knew the buck pictured here quite well. “We had seen him several times in velvet and had lots of trail camera photos of him,” Steve says. “We knew he was a monster and I had a client coming in for the archery opener. I hoped he’d have a chance at the buck.”

The client did indeed get a crack at the buck. Unfortunately, after a thorough blood trailing job, they were unable to find the deer.

Steve is so busy guiding hunters he rarely has time to hunt himself. But when he had a free afternoon during the resident muzzleloader season, he decided to visit the same area. “I didn’t really have this buck on my radar,” Steve says. “But there were others nearby worth looking for.” Despite some lousy weather (rain, wind, and occasional thunder) Steve crawled up in a tree stand. “The rain just kept getting worse, but deer were feeding heavily. Suddenly a big buck came into the field. I had to watch him for a long time before I knew the deer I was looking at, it was raining so hard.”


Steve made a 120 yard shot, and found the buck soon after. Interestingly, Steve shot the buck only 200 yards from where his client had wounded it only weeks before. “It was really interesting,” he says. “When you add up all the sightings and pictures, this buck was a real homebody. He had a very small core area.”


Congrats on a world-class whitetail, Steve!

Hunt Stats
Date: October 15, 2007
Location: Monroe County, Iowa
Weight: unknown
Points: 17
Green Score: 212 B&C (gross non-typical)
Weapon: Savage muzzleloader
Method: Tree stand


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What an incredible buck! Those main beams just go on and on. It seems like a fairly typical rack--why wasn't it scored as such. Or are there too many decuctions for those kickers and forks?


Very nice buck! Congrats!

I really wish we had bucks like that here in Oklahoma - generally if you get one that's 150 or better, it's going in the record book. Course, since our deer are samller, you've got to be a better shot. ML season opens here this weekend and I'll be there dreaming of a buck like this one, cost me 3 days vacation time and one sick day, but I'll be there! This will be my first time in 18 years for ML season. Hey Dave - if you ever need/want a place to hunt in Oklahoma, give me a shout. Might even work in a little crappie fishing also. Good luck all! Have fun and be safe!


Taking nothing away from Steve or his buck, which is indeed one incredible animal--but I have to point this out: I love that photo at the very top; it seems to be asking the veiwer to believe that the hunter is just now walking up on his buck, even though the deer's head is positioned perfectly to best appreciate the size of the antlers, and, of course, the man with the camera is already in front of the buck.
They pull this shot on TV and video all the time. You see the hunter approach the buck acting surprised and elated (Look, look, there he is! Oh, he's bigger than I thought!) even though the camera angle makes it totally obvious that they've already located the buck. Honestly, some of the people think their veiwers are complete idiots.

big buck

Some of their veiwers ARE complete idiots.

But I know exactly the kind of shot you're talking about. And you're right, it is as cliche and pathetic as the obligatory fist pump.

Speaking of fist pumps, I'm curious what other people's opinions are on this: Who has the worst (as in, most staged) fist pump in outdoor television? I say it is that goofball Greg Ritz of TC. During that comercial for the Nikon muzzleloader scope, he actually fist pumps on the shooting range. Holy crap, what a goof! How can anyone (let alone himself) take him seriously after that?
Any other nominations out there?

Personally I am sick of seeing deer that look like they should be hanging out with Barry Bonds.

I would say that it is destroying the heritage of hunting; and it is sort of like a 50 year old buying a ferrari.

What's under the hood there bud?

But I know. Those guys need a wall hanger they can brag on!

Hunting is for food. Killing should be too.

That one is $3,000, that one is $7,000.


Wait! I can see the fence in the background of that picture!
Let's take a different one.


Sounds like there is some jealous people out there. I have the privilege of knowing Steve and hunt with him, the hard work he puts in to his guide service there is know one more deserving than Steve to take a once in a life time trophy. For the gentleman that wants to see the fence, Steve is all fair chase, for one flat fee.

Barry Marson

I can second that, I just returned Saturday from a great hunt with Steve, he is 1st class and fair chase all the way. It is just amazing how jealousy expresses itself in some people


I agree with the last two comments. Iowa is well known to produce totally wild world-class bucks. I don't know the hunter or anything about his guide service, but there's no reason to assume he cheated just because he killed a giant deer. Yes, hunting is ultimately about food. I agree with that 100 percent. But antlers are fun--and our getting a kick out of seeing very big ones is perfectly harmless. Great job, Steve. Congrats. Don't listen to the poo-pooers.

dave c

the guy that is talking about bary bonnds sounds like a peta memeber to me,,ive been bowhunting for 35 years ,and with a recurve and got the deer to prove it,hunting just aint for meat its in your blood,,when i want meat i shoot a doe with my bow ,then i still hunt the rest of the season for a big one ,ive passed up more bucks then people would belive,

dave c

this guy did get a once in a life time whitetail,,way to go

James Dalton

Why must a man feel it is necessary to kill a deer. Furthermore, could these animals be an easier of a target, this is not a sport it is a pathetic means for a man to prove his manhood. find another way.

James Dalton

Why must a man feel it is necessary to kill a deer. Furthermore, could these animals be an easier of a target, this is not a sport it is a pathetic means for a man to prove his manhood. find another way.

James Dalton

Why must a man feel it is necessary to kill a deer. Furthermore, could these animals be an easier of a target, this is not a sport it is a pathetic means for a man to prove his manhood. find another way.

Nick Bregar

Why must people complain about hunting.If you don't like it don't pay attention to it.You don't hear hunters complaining about other peoples hobbies.I was born and raised on hunting and fishing,and I'll die doing it to.This great country wouldn't be what it is or where it is today if it wasn't for our ancestor's hunting and fishing to survive.I think it's a wonderful trophy.And I dream of shooting a trophy one day to.But until that happens I will hunt for meat and the great time I spend in the brush enjoying nature.So for everybody that doesn't like it I say you do your thing and I'll do mine and we can leave each other alone. Congratulations Steve it's a ounce in a lifetime trophy.

Rick Roy

oh my god, what dreams are made of!

Max Ohrt

Way to go Steve ! As an avid Iowa bowhunter, I can only imagine the rush of taking a monster of that caliber. The one we all dream of. Guess you need to have it in your blood to understand the passion of fair chase. A good thing to harvest the old boy anyway after being wounded previously. Would have been a shame to let him possibly die from the wound.Enjoy the bounty, truely a buck of a lifetime.

Pam Brown

Congratulations on your amazing buck. I'd love to see a straight on picture of the head to appreciate the full width of the horns.

Dave Richey

I've hunted Iowa many times but not with Steve, and the state produces some huge bucks.
I remember one taken during a heavy snow with a Knight muzzleloader, and it green-scored over 200 points. I later talked with the landowner and he said the guy didn't shoot the really big one.
Anyone likes deer hunting from Michigan should hit my website. I do a daily weblog on fishing and hunting, and cover it from a fair-chase point of view.

Mike Breisnes

what a huge buck! I can only hope to ever see one that nice. Way to go man. For tha people that think we hunters are doing wrong, u should go stay in the city and live in your little dream worlds.


since noone has probably told you.. nice buck steve what a sight to see. i'm in the younger generation of hunters and spent the last few years trying to learn as much as i could to better myself in the field. in doing so i have developed certain feelings twords a certain topic... i love seeing those big bucks taken by the hunters that work for em but i hate seeing out-of-staters comin to my hunting areas and buying the big ones. 2 years ago i moved down to SE iowa from central iowa because of a job offer and just two weeks ago witnessed 160 acres of pasture timber sold to a lawyer from florida for almost 4000 an acre. thats great for people that want to sell but what about for us regular blue collar 40 hour a week workers that dreamed of living in the country. all these pics of big bucks takin in iowa is attracting people to this place that they visit a week a year to shoot a big rack what ever happened to hunting for food i shoot 3 to 5 does a year to feed my friends and family that dont hunt and hunt the big racks when they happen to come by and i have nothing against guides and there buisness thats there way to hunt all the time and make money doing so

Glenn from Ely

Great job Steve. You are an excellent guide and friend. keep up the good work!

Apply food stamp

I wanted to research this subject and write a paper. Your post what a thousand words would not. Nice job.



Enjoyed your site very much. Thank you! ;-) Keep up a good job!

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