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October 24, 2007

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100 Best Public-Land Hunts: Idaho

Potlatch Timber Corporation Lands
: north Idaho
Size: 500,000 acres
ZIP: 83539

Idaho is 68 percent public land, and the mountainous Clearwater region-some of the state's finest whitetail country-is flush with federal, state and corporate tracts open to public hunting. In 2006, Clearwater game management units 8A and 10A posted the region's largest harvests and success rates approaching 50 percent. Even better, 66 percent of 8A bucks and 72 percent of 10A bucks were four points (on one side) or better. Some of the best habitat these units have to offer can be found in the Potlatch Timber Corporation lands (ask for the Deary and Headquarters maps), which are open to public access for a modest fee. Terrain varies from rolling in 8A to rugged in 10A. "We have a lot of whitetails," says Shelley Tschida of Quality Services, a company that manages recreational access for Potlatch, "and we've been told it's just a matter of time until someone takes a record buck out of this country."

St. Joe Ranger District, St. Joe National Forest
: north Idaho
Size: 750,000 acres
ZIP: 83802

Idaho's state record typical whitetail, a 186 4/8 Boone and Crockett, came out of the Shoshone County portion of this national forest in 2005. From the town of St. Maries east to the Montana border is all prime whitetail country, especially along the St. Joe River corridor and its drainages, according to Ed Mitchell, of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Both sides of the river are national forest, with only intermittent areas of private land. "It's not flat," Mitchell says, "but if you're willing to waddle even a little bit, you can lose about 90 percent of the competition in the first half mile." This is more temperate country than the Clearwater region: The St. Joe is heavily forested in firs, spruces, hemlocks and cedars, and there's less open space in the woods. Still-hunting is the preferred hunting method, Mitchell says, "and a good brush gun is a fine thing to have."


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I bet theres some mosters bucks in Idaho!

R. Millage

Shhhh. Don't let our secret out, Idaho Public land Whitetail Hunting isn't for the faint of heart. Getting a small buck is easy enough, but with rough thick terrain, the big boys can be a challenge. Hunting in November during the rut is your best bet, but with snow and cold, you better be mentally prepared. www.idahooutdoors.blogspot.com

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