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October 24, 2007

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100 Best Public-Land Hunts: New Jersey

Turkey Swamp Wildlife Management Area
: central New Jersey
Size: 3,730 acres
ZIP: 07728

Two central New Jersey counties (Monmouth and Somerset) account for many entries in the state's big buck contest, according to Carole Kandoth, deer project leader for the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife. Turkey Swamp, in Monmouth County on the northern fringe of the pine barrens, features flatland pin oak forest. The area is only minimally managed, so old crop fields reverting to forest are a key food source in the form of early successional browse. Turkey Swamp is located in the heart of New Jersey's fertile agricultural region, where surrounding farmlands also serve as an important food source.

Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park, Six Mile Run Reservoir Site
: central New Jersey
Size: 2,000 acres
ZIP: 07416

Six Mile Run is an "underutilized hotspot" in one of New Jersey's better counties for trophy deer, according to Tony Petrongolo, land management chief for the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife. Archery-only hunting keeps the harvest "atypically small" for New Jersey public land, and food plots and surrounding farm fields in the fertile region are helping grow big deer. "It's a good productive area where deer are eating well," he adds, "so you should see some very nice deer." Habitat includes wetlands, crop fields, forests and old pastures reverting to forest.


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Turkey swamp sound like a good place to hunt big bucks!

dont hunt save the deer!

dave c

whats this dont hunt save the deer,i wonder what this guy eats ,or wheres for shoes,,that lettuce is alive to till they kill it,,,,,morons


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