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May 16, 2008

Use a Hair Band to Silence Your Box Calls

To prevent my box calls from squawking in my vest pockets, I secure the lids with my girlfriend's elastic hair bands. They're just the right size, and they're strong enough to do the job.
Roger Hurley, Old Lyme, Conn.


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I went to the site and looked around at what they were saying. It seems (and maybe i should look more) that it's a pretty racist. Most of the post titles involve the words 'whitey' 'cracker' 'redneck'. They have boards about getting guns, when obama wants no guns. People say things like 'only police, military,and urbanites should have guns.' they then attack country folk for not needing guns. I know plenty of people who eat venison that they killed with a rifle.
It's pretty terrifying reading that these people want the government to censor the internet. Have these people ever even glanced at our bill of rights. If you don't like what you are reading, hearing, seeing then stop listening, reading, looking. They label any opposition as treasonous, yet forget that our country was founded on dissent.
If any one knows how to mess with computer stuff then have a field day on that site. From being on this forum there seems to be an open discourse here, over there it seems like if your not pro-obama your anti american. Who are the real enemies here? Those who want liberty, or those who want Obama and his cronies to control what we see, hear, and do?
I thought about joining and trying to blog-fight but that may be a moot point.


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