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April 11, 2008

Sharpen a Knive With a Car Window

To touch up the edge on my fillet or hunting knife when I'm not at home, I use the ground edge of a door window on my truck. I sharpen the blade just as I would if I were using a whetstone. This restores a razor edge to the knife every time.
Karl Bechtel, Newburgh, Ind.


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Blue Ox

Never heard of this. How well would it work with a premium blade made of really hard steel?

roy thompson

Either the knife or window is in trouble, and I would expect it would be both. Better (?) way. A small round file (rat tail or chain saw), smoothed on a grinder, (very carefully so it stays round), polished very smooth with fine paper, (600 wet or dry) and made to a specific length can be put in a small leather case/sleeve fastened to a knife sheath, ready to "steel" the knife when necessary. An old screw driver handle can be glued on one end too. A steel merely strightens up the cutting edge of the blade so the knife should be sharp before going out hunting or fishing.

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