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March 17, 2008

Secure an Axe Head to the Handle

Awhile back, the head on my wooden-handled axe felt very loose, and I worried it would fly off whenever I split wood at camp. I fixed this potentially dangerous problem by soaking the axe head in a bucket of water overnight. The wood absorbed the water and expanded, tightening the head to the shaft.
Chad Sarty, via the Internet


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Thanks for the great tip!

Dave Orchard

This "fix" exerbates the condition.
Soaked wood swells and crushes wood fibers, and then when the handle dries out, it is even looser than in the first place.
A wooden wedge driven into the wood exposed in the "eye" of the axe, hammer, maul, longitudinally first, followed by one or two steel or iron weges across the wooden one is a "fix" that will last for 30 years or more. (Goign by personal experience.)



ya what happens when the handle dries and you wip it behind your head and you hit your buddy in the head with the axe head? you now have a broken axe and a dead buddy.

you can also soak it in light gauge oil like a mineral oil and then it doesn't evaporate away and shrink downa again. but the best is still wedges.


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