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February 21, 2008

Silence Your Tree Blind with Carpet

To keep things quiet in a tree blind or a raised deer blind, cover the floor with a scrap piece of carpet. This way, if you drop some gear on the floor it’s less likely to startle the game underneath you. The carpet also helps keep the cold out when the temperature drops. Most carpet stores have scraps or samples that they’ll either sell for next to nothing or give you for free.
Matthew Iddlebrooks, Universal City, Texas


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Almost every time I get in my tree stand I would drop something, but if you use carpet, it will get soggy when it rains and will begin to rot and smell. I use a rubber welcome mat purchased at a discount store for just a couple of dollars. It is secured with adhesive-backed velco. When it was new it had a strong rubber odor, so I simply put it outside for a month or two before the season opened.

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