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November 15, 2007

Heat Your Bag With a Water Bottle

To keep snug during nights when the temperature drops, boil water and pour into your Nalgene bottles. Then, place them in your sleeping bag, and the bag’s insulation will keep the heat in. Use two or more bottles to adjust temperature.
--Aaron Guiterman, Arlington Va.


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It won't work because, won't it condensate?

Terrance Mahoney

Have found that a couple of cheap Wal-mart hand warmers in a sleeping bag will keep me warm all night. They work by re-acting to exposure to oxygen. The limited supply of oxygen in a good sleeping bag makes them last a long time. Three or four will keep you very comfortable all night long down to 0 degree's in a tent.

NH Philosopher

Since the water will not be brought down to its dewpoint - it will not Condensate. I've been using this trick for years and have yet to become damp/wet with condensation.

PLUS - a good sleeping bag with breath, allowing any moisture to wick out. While keeping the heat in.

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