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January 09, 2009

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Discussion Topic: President Bush Protects Three Marine Ecosystems

President Bush actually won (grudging) praise from environmentalists this week, announcing that he will create three new marine national monuments in the Pacific Ocean. Problem is, at least for now, it will keep some recreational anglers out.

From the Washington Post:

In making the decision, Bush overruled the objections of recreational fishing interests and Vice President Cheney, who argued that the restrictions would create a dangerous precedent. Recreational fishermen will be required to apply for permits to fish in the protected areas. . . .

Michael Nussman, president of the American Sportfishing Association, decried the new policy, saying that it presumes recreational fishing is "an evil activity."

"If you're going to keep the public out of a public area, you need a darned good reason to do that," said Nussman. . . . "We don't think they've met that 'darned good reason' test."

Check out the full article and tell us what you think.



Damn liberal tree hugging Bush.

Loretta Lynn

I know he hasn't made the greatest of decisions while in office, but lets move past this and appreciate the small victories as they come. Maybe he has an ulterior motive, may be not. With age comes wisdom. Obviously he has tried to do the right thing in his eye (mind) and he has some compassion for our Earth and what little resources we have left.

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