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January 06, 2009

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Breaking News: B&C Confirms New World Record Elk

From a Boone and Crockett Club press release:

Perhaps the largest elk ever produced in the wild—a Utah bull taken in 2008 by a hunter on public land—has been confirmed as a new World's Record. The official declaration was made today by the Boone and Crockett Club.

A Special Judges Panel determined a final score of 478-5/8 Boone and Crockett non-typical points, an incredible 93 inches above the B&C minimum score of 385 for non-typical American elk and 13-plus inches larger than the previous World’s Record.



a new world record. and it only cost a couple hundred thousand $$$$. just proves $$$$ can buy damn near anything.

Walt Smith

No hunter worth his merit really cares much about a bought and paid for animal when it was "scouted by professional guides for days" and the "purchaser" was flown in and chauffered to the site to make the kill.Congragulations,what a hunter. When your magazine covers situations like this with such fanfare and vigor it makes your readers who are for the most part ethical hunters wonder "where your ethical hunting values truly lie?" I'd rather read about a 15 year old getting their first buck, a four point,than read about a self-indulgent rich guy buying a record book elk and beating his chest. It's Field and Stream, not Records and Greed.


Nowhere does this article say the hunter spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was on public land so it was not high fence. A quick look in my "Huntin Fool" mag has the most experience guided elk hunt around 15,000. Average is 8000 and these are top end outfitters with top end property if you are familiar with that magazine.

I live in Illinois, always dreamed of going west in search of Elk. I will have to be one of the "Rich" folks who will eventually pay a guide. Once I go, I can determine if I feel confident enough to go it alone for future hunts.

I say congratulations on a magnificent animal.


That elk is freakin' huge, congrats!


Jay, it seems you haven't heard the whole story. Check it out.


Jay-from the original story, the guy paid 150K for the governor's tag to hunt elk anywhere in Utah. after that, a team of guides spent "days and days" spotting and evaluating animals on behalf of the hunter before he ever went to Utah, where he then spent nearly two weeks hunting before downing the bull. those services do not come cheap, so 200K is very accurate. i'm with walt, i'd rather read about the first whitetail of kid than an ego-driven kill by a $$$$$man.


Brian T

I read someplace that success usually comes to those who can afford it. Yup.

Steve C

F&S reported it. The story is news, whether we agree with the methods or not. I don't have the $ to do this, but is it for me to judge? We've got enough outsiders sniping at us....we don't need to chop off our own nose.


I'm a flat lander living in North Carolina;you can put in for a Colorado Archery Elk draw hunt in areas that are managed for really nice bulls and do it your self for less than $1000.00 including the tag. 5 of us went this year, 3 nice bulls, one was a 300 class, the other 2 were nice 5X5's and we saw 14 bulls within bow range along with over 20 cows. Being within bow range doesn't mean you will get a shot! Hunting is hunting. Awesome experience for a poor man whose dream was to hunt Elk and never thought I could afford to. We camped in tents, cooked our own meals and no guides except ourselves. You don't have to be born and raised in the mid west to be a great Elk hunter, just be in good shape and understand the animal you are hunting. We drove versus flying. Gas was $4.60 a gallon at the time. I recommend putting in for the draw areas versus the walk in public lands. We only say one other hunter the whole 9 days we were there.


"The other side" = recently a local guy took the new Washington State record elk. He had bought a "Governor's Tag" at auction for 65K. My initial reaction was similar to Tom and Walt's until I put it in a more accurate light: Some people have lots of money; some of those people are happy to give to conservation and hunting causes; the money from "the Gov's tag" supports fish and wildlife. So, if I was going to make a big donation to increase hunting and outdoor sports in my state, I'd be really excited about the opportunity to donate AND get the trophy of a life time! Fish and Wildlife has benefited; the guides, outfitters and hunters have benefitted. Just imagine being one of the guides that got the chance to spend "days and days" scouting for that bull! That'd be "the scouting trip of a lifetime"! Heck, what's not to like about this?!?! I certainly don't mind getting to read about such a cool take!


Some people have a helluva attitude towards situations that they no nothing about. Public land is free to hunt on and most guides do not even bother with public lands. Which is self explanatory "public lands"!

Big O

Hey Jay, Ive guided in Colo. and still go when I can, and know some spots if you want to do some hunt trading (Elk in colo. for Deer in Ill.)No monsters but still a fun hunt.


That bull is huge for one thing and another thing is if any one of you guys talking smack had the cash I guarantee you would pay top dollar too..


For all you sour grapes out there, the bull was taken in a limited draw area where only a few other hunters were licensed anyway. The State of Utah is depriving the masses from hunting the trophy areas anyway. Better odds of winnning a $ million in the lottery than getting one of those Utah tags as a non-resident. Buy the lotto tickets. Then if you win, buy a trophy hunt!

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