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December 23, 2008

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Wisconsin Deer Donations Way Down

From the Post Crescent:

Statewide, meat processors participating in the venison donation program say Wisconsin hunters have given more than 6,500 deer to help feed the hungry this season.

That's a 40 percent drop from the previous year, said Lee Dudek, founder of Hunt for the Hungry. . . .

"Deer hunters fortunate to get extra deer this year are giving the deer meat to relatives or other folks in need," Dudek said. "Considering the economic times we are living in, these are unprecedented conditions for donations."



The deer harvest is also down over 20 percent from last year as well here in wisconsin. Im sure that plays a big role in why people havent been donating more deer to needy families

The Man

i shot zero deer in WI last year and 3 this year. it was up for me. I donated 1


Tough year for me hunting. I usually donate at least one of my deer that I've harvested but I haven't even filled a tag yet. I still have late muzzle loader season but I won't be donating venison this year even if I'm successful.

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