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December 19, 2008

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Update: Environmentalists and Industry Praise Interior Pick

From the Idaho Statesman:

President-elect Barack Obama’s choice for Interior Secretary, Colorado Democratic Sen. Ken Salazar, brought wide praise from both environmentalists and industry. . . .

He’s pro-gun and he’s not Raul Grijalva, the Arizona congressman that many environmentalists and liberals hoped would get the job. . . .

"It could be that a centralist like Ken Salazar can get more done because he’s not a lightning rod and he can work with all sides,” [said Elise Jones executive director of the Colorado Environmental Coalition]. “He’s not going to draw a backlash from traditional commodities industries."



I'm glad he is pro gun. I could care less if the extraction industries love or hate him. they have had all they want handed to them by Bush and his anti-environmental policies for the past 8 years. I want someone that will stand up to the ranchers, miners, loggers, and oil and gas bastards. Raul Grijalva has done a great job for the environment in Arizona. Unfortunately, he has also left the border wide open and thinks it's perfectly okay for illegals to pour across the border.


I like this pick for the most part. My only problem is the guy is and was a rancher so it's possible that he's going to cater to ranchers which generally does the environment and hunters no favors. We'll see how things go.

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